RRB NTPC 7 April 2016 Second Shift Questions

RRB NTPC Online CBT 7 April 2016 Second Shift Questions

GK GS GA Question Asked in Today Exam of RRB NTPC

Q. Fruit Bats are host to which virus?

Q. Aazad Hind Fauj established in which year?
Ans- 1942

Q.National Motto of India?
Ans- Satyamev Jayte.

Q. Netware operating System developed by which country?
Ans- India

Q. Full form of PCB?
Ans- Printed Circuit Board.

Q. IPC stands for?
Ans- Indian Penal Code.

Q. .inf file is used for?
Ans- Installing software info.

Q. National human right chairperson of India?
Ans- HL Dattu

Q. Asia cup 2015 winner? ( Cricket)
Ans- India.

Q.who was elected as second time chief of UN in 2011?
Ans- Ban ki moon.

Q. Who is the chairman of Bank Board Bureau?
Ans- Vinod Rai..

Q.Brand ambassador of TATA motors?
Ans- Lionel Messi.

Q. When East India company came to India?
Ans- 1600.

Q. Name the man who spent 340 days in space?
Ans- Scott Kelly

Q. In the following, what is bacterial disease?
Ans- Syphlis

Q. who is prime minister during 1975 bangladesh independence?

Q. Latest green non toxic aerosol
Ans- waste paper

Q. Davis cup1st  rankings 2015
Ans- great Britain

Q. chola king conquered maldives ?
Ans- raja raja

Q.  sharavthi hydro power plant
Ans- Karnataka

Q. fundamental rights from articles
Ans- 14-35

Q. normal blood bleeding n clotting time ?

  dhamek stupa in
Ans- Sarnath

Q. colour of security certificate for url
Ans- green

Q. vaccum toilets in trains
Ans- evacuates its discharge into biodigestor tank


some questions on-
 profit n loss,
time work based,
compound n simple interest so on..

Reasoning Ability

Q. odd one out –
Ans- Kabbadi

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