RRB Psychological Tests For ASM : Complete information & Guidance

Complete Information and Guidance: Railway Psychological Tests for ASM 

Psychological Aptitude Test for Assistant Station Master

After qualifying in the written test, the aspirant has to qualify the psychological test. This Psycho test is conducted to test your Intelligence, Selective attention, Spatial Scanning, Direction sense and your personality. Railway Recruitment Board conducted this test with the help of the Psycho-Technical unit of RDSO [Research, design, and standard organization] attached to the chief safety officer of the concerned Railway zone. We have already posted Complete Information and Guidance for the Psychological test, which is much liked by Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) Exam aspirant. You can check complete tips and tricks of Psycho-Aptitude test here.
In this post, we are going to share you all information, Syllabus, Pattern, Cutoff etc. of Psychological Aptitude test in ASM exam.


How can tests help you (Job Aspirant)?
1. They will help you to show where your strengths lie.
2. They have been chosen because the skills they involve are used in the job.
3. The tests are carefully designed so that they are fair to all applicants.
4. Taking tests will help you in adjusting to the job.

How can tests help us (Recruiting body)?
1. We get the right sort of people to do the job.
2. Tests give us an unbiased assessment of your strengths and limitations.
3. People who do well on the test usually do well in the job itself.

What sort of Aptitude tests will you have to take?
The aptitude tests have been designed for various jobs in critical safety categories. You will be given the test battery,
consisting of fivesix tests, prescribed for the job you have applied for. 
Generally, the tests are administered in groups of 35150 candidates. They are required to answer the questions given in test booklets and mark the responses on OMR Answer Sheets.

How to record your answers
Most paper-pencil tests require you to record your answers on a separate answer sheet so that they can be scored quickly.
A sample of the answer sheet used by Indian Railways may be seen here. The answers are marked on the answer sheet by fully darkening the circles which go with your answers. Use a blue ballpoint pen. Remember you are not permitted to change your answer. For each answer, if more than one circle is shaded, it will not be evaluated. Do not make any stray mark on the sheet.

* Now the exam is Online mode so, you have to record your answer at Online Exam Screen. 

In ASM Psycho/Aptitude Test there are following five tests:

1. Intelligence Test
2. Selective Attention Test
3. Spatial Scanning Test
4. Following Direction Test
5. Personality Test
These all test have a different number of Question and different time duration for each test. 

The detailed description of ASM Test:

Psycho Test
Question Asked
Time Duration
1.Intelligence Test
10 Minute
2.Selective Attention Test
10 Minute
3.Spatial Scanning Test
5 Minute
4.Following Direction Test
10 Minute
5.Personality Test
10 Minute

Each and Every minute details of Psychological Test is available at eReadersForum 

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