BSNL JE (TTA) 26 September 2016 Morning Shift (Memory Based Questions)

BSNL JE (TTA) 26 SEPTEMBER 2016 Morning Shift Solved Paper


Hello, Readers!
Here we are sharing some questions of BSNL JE 2016 Based on Memory.
These are the Questions from Online Computer Test of BSNL JE Conducted on 26 Sept. 2016 Morning Shift.
If you have more questions please put it on comment box or send us at erforum.net@gmail.com , we will post those questions here.

Exam / Paper Details:

Exam Date- 26 Sept 2016
Shift- Morning 
Mode- Online CBT

BSNL JE Questions [26 Sept 2016] Morning Shift:

Plural form of Ray?

Q. One who has many talents called?

One Sentence correction Question

Q. Antonym of Prosperous?
Ans- Underprivileged

Q. Recently which state got award for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?
a) Ahmedabad
b) Chandigarh
c) Chennai

Q. First film made by?

Q. National song is taken from?

Q. Quality factor Q is equal to?

Q.  Kirchoff's 2nd  Law is related to?

Q. Law of conservation of  energy?

Q. In a cube all resistance is 6 ohm then Equivalent resistance across opposite diagonal is?

Q. Series motor application- Hoist and crane

Q. 8085 is a?
a) 16 bit
b) 32 bit
c) 8 bit

Q. Brain of Computer?
Ans- CPU

Q. Which Computer language used in artificial language?

Q. One odd one out Question
Ans- Sania Mirza: Badminton

Technical Questions:

Q. A programme stored in a higher memory that can be used repeatedly as part of the main program is known as?
Ans- subroutine

Q. Object code is?
Ans- machine code

Q.Pulse code modulation employing 4 bit code is used to transmit a data signal having frequency components from dc to 2 KHz. The minimum bandwidth of the carrier channel should be?

Q. Dimension of Force?
Ans- MLT-2

Q. Transistor in common emitter?

Q. Waveguide?

Q. Highest time period?
Ans- 10 Hz

Q. Binary of 72?

Q. Ampere-hour is unit of?

Q. Principal type current meter?
Ans- Arsenal

Q. Precision measurement of resistance?
Ans- Potentiometer

Q. When a unit step input is applied to a perfect integrator the output?
Ans- unbounded

4-5 Questions are from Network

Micro Control and Modulation

What is the SI Unit of absolute permittivity of a medium

Questions on Transmission and Distribution

Some Questions are from Electrical


Fastest Train of India?

SEBI is?

Q. Fundamental rights are borrowed from the constitution of which country?
Ans- USA

Q. Light Year is unit of?
Ans- Distance

Which Nuclear Power Station in India is fully designed by Indians?

Lowest Literacy Rate?

Tropic of Cancer doesn’t passes through?
a) Jharkhand
b) Maharashtra
c) MP


Paper Analysis:
Several Questions (Almost 30-40 Questions) are copied from Previous Years Engineering Services Papers/Questions.
Maths was so easy.
GS / GK Parts are moderate.
Overall Paper Was Moderate.

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