BSNL JE (TTA) 27 September 2016 Morning Shift (MEMORY BASED Questions)


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Here we are sharing some questions of BSNL JE 2016 Based on Memory.
These are the Questions from Online Computer Test of BSNL JE Conducted on 27 Sept. 2016 Morning Shift.
If you have more questions please put it on comment box or send us at erforum.net@gmail.com , we will post those questions here.

Exam / Paper Details:

Exam Date- 27 Sept 2016
Shift- Morning ( Second Shift)
Time- 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Mode- Online CBT (Computer Based Test)

BSNL JE Questions [27 Sept 2016] Morning Shift:

Q. Which is not the harvest festival of India?

Q. Recently which state has got award for "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" ?

Q. First Film made by?

Q. National song is taken from?

Q. Quality factor Q is equal to?

Q. Kirchoff's Law is related to?

Q. Law of conservation of energy?

Q. Uber cub is related to?

Q. Armed force day observed on which day?

Q. Antonym of AFFLUENT?

Q. Synonym of SUSTAINED?

Q. Brain tumer is related to?


Q. Choose true statement about matrix multiplication ?
a) all square matrices can be multiplied
b) M*N matrix and M*N matrix can be multiplied
c) M*N matrix and N*A matrix can be multiplied
d) none of the above

# 4 to 5 Questions are based on Matrix.
Q. M.F. Hussain famous for?
Ans- Painting

Q. Synonym of "Transparent"

Q. TRAI Setup year?

Q. Oldest mountain in INDIA?

Q. First Indian NBA Player Basket ball?

#Questions from Electrical Engineering Portion mainly include questions based / related with Motors, Kirchoff's Law, Norton Theorem, Tevenin Theorem.

#Questions from Electronics parts include questions from Transistor, BJT, MOSFET

#About 40+ Questions asked from edc and electrical

In Part-2:
Easiest Topics- Digital Techniques, Counters, Flip-flop, Logic Gates.
(Almost 20 questions from these topics)
(All Questions are basic)

Main drawback of PSK?
Most noise immune modulation scheme?
calculate the distance between 2 points, 3Qs
a couple of simple differentiation and integration problems
a problem on second order diff eq. solution
The PASCAL language every statement should end with?
ADA is which type of language?( means assembly or machine like that)?
around 5 Qs on Number system conversions( i got only dec binary hexadec)?
around 5 questions on Sequential circuits (Flipflops)?
a prob on wheatstone bridge balanced resistors ratio?(given 3 res nd asked to find another)?
Biofuel day? Aug 10
first indian basketball player to the NBA?
Network basic theoritical questions on KCL and KVL
5-10 questions on multivibrators , schmitt trigger
church plural?
honey, pearl, resin, coral. odd ?
radius of the atom of the order?
audio amplifier range?
Nearly 15 Qs from MP&MC about interrupts, flags etc
Given settle time 7s and peak time 3s. asked to find poles ?
BJT problem, asked Vce and Ic?
couple of problems on resistance, resistivity,lenth and cross section ?
Equivalent resistance of a infinite resistive ladder network?

Nearly 20 Questions from Transmission lines like Zo , reflection coefficient, VSWR, Smith chart, impedance matching?

There were around 15 Questions form electrical machines like motors, 3 phase and simple formula application problems also?

spelling correction : excessive

Around 5-10 Qs asked typical values range like- FET input impedance range?, standard BJT works in the temperature range?
laplace transform of sin square at?
area of parallelogram given two adjacent vectors?

Analysis of Paper:

Overall 50% questions are easy (it means easy one liner Questions)
Other 50% are tough (not in the sense of solving but we can’t expect such Questions)

Question distribution are not even, only one or two topics are selected from the subject and given Qs from those topics only. there were so many completely untouched topics like OPAMPs, Oscillators,LAN, Microwave engineering etc. 

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