BSNL JE (TTA) 29 September 2016 Morning Shift (Memory Based Questions)


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Here we are sharing some questions of BSNL JE 2016 Based on Memory.
These are the Questions from Online Computer Test of BSNL JE Conducted on 29 Sept. 2016 Morning Shift.
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Exam / Paper Details:

Exam Date- 29 Sept 2016

Shift- Morning 
Mode- Online CBT

BSNL JE Questions [29 Sept 2016] Morning Shift:

Q.  Who wrote Malgudi Days: RK NARAYAN 

Q. Kazirangha famous for- Rhinos

Q.  Spelling of Occasionally 
Q.  Synonym of GAINSAY
Q.  Synonym of MAWKISH
Q.  AMNEST was the answer of one of the One word substitution
Q. about Mediterranean CLIMATE
Q. Number divisible by 3 and having 3 at units or tens place: 6
Q. Question on Direct Indirect Speech
Q. Mr. singh briefly introduce himself on giving information ___ how to 
expand business of advertisement. : on
Q.  Which country launched GPS communication satellite: RUSSIA 
Q.  Radiocarbon dating is for : FOSSILS
Q.  Kaziranga Famous for RHINOS
Q.  Change to passive voice"a child could not have done this mischeif"
Q. the cocoon of which used for silk production -- Bombyx mori

Ans- Thailand

Q. If in India time is 10.30 than what is the time in Pakistan?
Ans- 10.00

Q. Who has taken maximum catches in a match?
Ans- Ajinkya Rahane

Q. Mother Teresa was _____honest woman?
Ans-  an

Q. Who wrote “Malgudi Days”?

Q. Spelling of Occasionally?

Q. Synonym of GAINSAY?

Q. Synonym of MAWKISH?

Q. One word substitution

Q. One word substitution

Q. One Question is about Mediterranean CLIMATE

Q. Number divisible by 3 and having 3 at units or tens place: 6

Q. Question on Direct / Indirect Speech

Q. Mr. singh briefly introduce himself on giving information _____how to expand business of advertisement.
Ans- on

Q. Which country launched GPS communication satellite?

Q. Radiocarbon dating is used for?

Q. Kaziranga National Park is Famous for ?

Q. Change to passive voice “a child could not have done this mischief”

Q. The coccun used for silk moth production is?
Ans-  Bombyx mori

Q. what is the band gap for silicon ?
Ans– 0.7eV

Q. If penta valent added then it will ?
Ans- N type Semiconductor

Q. insulator has ?
Ans- large band gap.

Q. Atoms has basics combination of ?
Ans- electron, proton and neutron.

Q. atomic no. is equal ?
Ans- no. of proton.

Q. in ER dig diamond block means -relationship.

Q.d^2y/dx^2 +ydy/dx is linear or non linear

Q.D of e^x

Q.D of sin(1+x^2)

Q.L.T of sin(x) in p form,cos

Q.L.T of cos(x)

Q.transformer used in power amplifier (1:1 ratio,step up and down)

Q.for low frequency which type of coupling used soft iron or silicon

Q. demultiplexer is serial to parallel.

Q.why hexadecimal used.

Q.bcd used when in system.

Q.which memory has highest storage capacity

Q.19 two question on digital diagram to make output 1 set input.

Q.stack pointer size.

Q.64 k has 16 bit.

Q.adder is used in alu.

Q.F/F popular application counter.

Q.nyquist explain stability(scalability other)

Q.calculate high and low frequency 1005 and 995 k.

Q.cd is volatile or ram ,rom or non volatile.

Q.28 RAM and ROM are volatile and Non volatile .

Q.DRAM, unlike SRAM, must be continually refreshed in order for it to maintain the data.

Q.block diagram question 2/s+1 check it

Q.lag can be made by R and C

Q.by PD what BW…inc or dec.

Q.char. equation given and asked how many roots it has.

Q.after call instruction where control is going and return back where.

Q.if instruction halt execute and then reset after control is where.

Q.which of the following is 3 byte Inst.

Q.by using demultiplexer we can make combination circuit.

Q.how many f/f required to make 4 bit counter.

Q.error bit means

Q.UART and USART difference … one is synchronous and other one is both

Q.FTP is in TCP/IP

Q.which bridge used for frequency.

Q. two statement…1astable is used to generate sq.wave and 2 f/f is used to store 1 bit information.

Q.which is used in making IC mos

Q.y darlington pair is connected in ttl output…speed increment .

Q.differential amplifier when Ri is infinite across ammeter then common mode voltage is

Q.force voltage and current analogy…spring stiffness and spring other also

Q.if type increases then ess ?

Q.what is emf when e=n * di/dt.

Q.i=q/t. q unit

Q.force is directly proportional to product of charges f=q1q2/4pi rr

Q.matrix linear equation =unique

Q determinant =0

Q.what are time domain method for stability root locus and RH criterion.

Q.VSB used in TV

Q.mod n^1/2 how can we made this

Q.circuits can be made by nand gate

Q.potentiometer is used to calculate – current calibration

Q.G(D)=(D^2)+c1 then what is c1 mcq death and tax content ,d constant integration content.

Q.magnitude of complex ration root 5 3+4i/1-2i

Q. relative magnetic permeability greater than one

Q.Hysteresis is the time-based dependence of a system’s output on present and past inputs. The dependence arises because the history affects the value of an internal …. This kind of hysteresis is often referred to as rate-dependent hysteresis

Q. telephone cable can be made by combination of L and C ,R and C

Q. generally timer circuit can be made by l and c ,rc etc.

Q.at resonance the pf is Unity.

Q.refection coefficient is ?(1 or -1) for which type of impedance like s.c or o.c.

Q.if cells are connected in series to increase voltage rating

Q.maximum power transfer only when zs = zl conjugate so 4-2i.

Q.transformer high efficiency when cu loss = iron loss.

Q.chopper diode connected then at t==0 what is current across diode something asked

Q. two transistor connected in cascade with 10 khz then b.w =6.4

Q.An electrical network is an interconnection of electrical components (e.g. batteries, resistors, inductors,
capacitors, switches) or a model of such an interconnection, consisting of electrical elements (e.g. voltage
sources, current sources, resistances, inductances, capacitances).

Q.after scr on which parameter is not having any control gate ,cathode etc

Q. CRO display ac and dc

Q.rectifier meter give average values .

Q.A Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switch is a switch that only has a single input and can connect to and
switch between 2 outputs. This means it has one input terminal and two output terminals. A Single Pole
Double Throw switch can serve a variety of functions in a circuit

Q. dc series generator.

Q. Some filter question asked option like dc,5khz etc.

Q. Why Rating of Transformer in kVA not in kW?
Ans- Copper losses (I²R) depends on Current which passing through transformer winding while Iron Losses or Core Losses or Insulation Losses depends on Voltage.
So the Cu Losses depend on the rating current of the load so the load type will determine the power factor P.F , That is why the rating of Transformer in kVA, Not
in kW.

Q. eber moles model

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