BSNL JE (TTA) 29 September 2016 Evening Shift (Memory Based Questions-Answers)

[PDF] BSNL JE (TTA) 29 September 2016 Evening Shift (Memory Based Questions-Answers)

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Here we are sharing some questions of BSNL JE 2016 Based on Memory.
These are the Questions from Online Computer Test of BSNL JE Conducted on 29 Sept. 2016 2nd Shift.
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Exam / Paper Details:

Exam Date- 29 Sept 2016
Shift- Evening 
Mode- Online CBT

BSNL JE Questions [29 Sept 2016] Evening Shift:

Below is BSNL JE /TTA 29 Sep 2016 evening Shift questions:

Q. which class of IP ADDRESS have maximum address Class A?

Q. Longest lake
Ans- Nile

Q. IPL Winner?
Ans- Sunrise Hydrabad

Q. Panel related with IPL?
Ans- Lodha Panel

Q. Words written on tomb?
Ans- Epitaph

Q. Odd one out?
Ans- Office is correct option.

Q. Plural of OX?
Ans- Oxen

Q. "A" blood group can receive which group of blood?
Ans- A and O.

Q. Pulses rich in?
Ans- Protein

Q. Every one loves him
Ans- He is loved by all.

Q. Spelling Correction of SPONTANEOUS

Q. Which refrigerator is good Class A?

Q. Reset function is in 8255?

Q. Crystal frequency is 6 Mhz, delay time in XTHL 5.33uSec

Q. R1=500+-5,R2=300+-3,,,,equivalent resistance?
Ans-  800+-5%

Q.Class C amplifier used IN RF amplifier 

Q. unit digit of 11^1213+17^1983-7^1983 ,,,unit digit 1

Q.In Pascal separator operator is... Semicolon 

Q.the software that transfers the object program from secondary memory to main memory... Loader

Q.in 8086 interrupt address is 00000H to 0003FFH

Q.in 8086 if code segment register contains 1FAB and IP register contains 10A1 effective memory address... 20B51

Q.study state error for input 1+t+1/t2,transfer fuction 1/s+1

13.one end of loss less transmission line having the charecterstic impedence of 75ohm, and length of 1cm is short ckt, at 3Ghz input impendence at the other end of transmission line is...... Inductive

Q. eV is ?
Ans- a unit of energy 

Q.crystal oscillator is used in parallel and series resonance 

Q. ABCD parameter, A=D=3/2B=3/2C ,Z21.value.

Q.mode in IC 555.time is (1,2,4,none) none

Q. Universal shift register mode --2( unidirectional n bidirectional)

Official Question Paper and Provisional Answer Key of BSNL JE is Available here.

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