Electromagnetic Theory Handwritten Notes for GATE, ESE, PSUs

Electromagnetic Theory Handwritten Notes for GATE, ESE, PSUs

GATE Syllabus of EMT for GATE (Electronics & Communication Engineering):


Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations: differential and integral forms and their interpretation, boundary conditions, wave equation, Poynting vector; Plane waves and properties: reflection and refraction, polarization, phase and group velocity, propagation through various media, skin depth; Transmission lines: equations, characteristic impedance, impedance matching, impedance transformation, S-parameters, Smith chart; Waveguides: modes, boundary conditions, cut-off frequencies, dispersion relations; Antennas: antenna types, radiation pattern, gain and directivity, return loss, antenna arrays; Basics of radar; Light propagation in optical fibres.


GATE Syllabus of EMT for GATE Physics:

Electromagnetic Theory

Solutions of electrostatic and magnetostatic problems including boundary value problems; dielectrics and conductors; Maxwell’s equations; scalar and vector potentials; Coulomb and Lorentz gauges; Electromagnetic waves and their reflection, refraction, interference, diffraction, and polarization; Poynting vector, Poynting theorem, energy and momentum of electromagnetic waves; radiation from a moving charge.

EMT Handwritten Note

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Contents of The Note Version:1.0

1. Basics of Electromagnetic Theory
2. Static Electric Fields
3. Static Magnetic Fields
4. Time-varying fields and Maxwell's equation
5. Uniform Plane waves
6. Transmission Lines

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