Signal & System Handwritten Notes for GATE, ESE, PSUs

Signal and System Handwritten Notes for GATE, ESE, PSUs

GATE 2019 Syllabus of Signal & System:

Branch: Instrumentation Engineering

Signals and Systems
Periodic, aperiodic and impulse signals; Laplace, Fourier and z-transforms; transfer function, frequency response of first and second order linear time-invariant systems, impulse response of systems; convolution, correlation. 
Discrete time system: impulse response, frequency response, pulse transfer function; DFT and FFT; basics of IIR and FIR

Branch: Electrical Engineering

Signals and Systems
Representation of continuous and discretetime signals, Shifting and scaling operations, Linear Time-Invariant and Causal systems, Fourier series representation of continuous periodic signals, Sampling theorem, Applications of Fourier Transform, Laplace Transform and z-Transform.


Branch: Electronics and Communications

Signals and Systems
Continuous-time signals: Fourier series and Fourier transform representations, sampling theorem and applications; Discrete-time signals: discrete-time Fourier transform (DTFT), DFT, FFT, Z-transform, interpolation of discrete-time signals; LTI systems: definition and properties, causality, stability, impulse response, convolution, poles and zeros, parallel and cascade structure, frequency response, group delay, phase delay, digital filter design techniques.


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Contents of this Note:

1. Classification of signal
2. Different operation on Signal
3. Basic Properties of Signal & System 
4. Fourier Series
5. Fourier Transform
6. Laplace Transform
7. Sampling Theorem
8. Discrete Time
9. Z Transform

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