ISRO Detailed Syllabus of Scientist/Engineer for Mechanical Engineering

ISRO Detailed Syllabus of Scientist/Engineer for Mechanical Engineering

Syllabus for ISRO ME Branch:

Mechanical Detailed Syllabus


Engineering Mathematics
Linear Algebra
• Algebra of Matrices
System of Linear Equations
Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors
• Taylor Series
• Fourier Series
• Partial Derivatives
• Total Derivatives
• Definite and Improper Integrals
• Multiple Integrals
Vector Calculus
• Gradient, Divergence and Curl
• Line and Surface Integrals
• Green, Gauss and Stokes
Numerical Methods
• Solution of System of Linear
• Interpolation
• Numerical Integration
• Newton-Raphson Method
• Runge-Kutta Method
Differential Equations
• Linear ODEs
• First Order Non-Linear ODEs
• Initial and Boundary value problems
• Laplace Transform
• PDEs-Laplace, Wave and
Diffusion Equations
Probability & Statistics
• Gaussian
• Weibul Distribution and Their properties
• Method of Least Squares
• Regression Analysis
• Analysis of Variance

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Engineering Mechanics
• Equivalent Force systems
• Free-Body concepts
• Equations of Equilibrium
• Trusses and Frames
• Virtual work and minimum potential energy
• Kinematics and Dynamics of particles and rigid bodies
• Impulse and Momentum (Linear and Angular)
• Energy Methods
• Central Force motion

Strength of Materials
• Stress and Strain
• Stress-Strain Relationship and Elastic constants
• Mohr’s circle for Plane Stress and Plane Strain
• Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams
• Bending and Shear stresses
• Deflection of Beams Torsion of Circular shafts, Thin and Thick cylinders
• Euler’s Theory of Columns
• Strain Energy Methods
• Thermal Stresses

Theory of Machines
• Displacement
• Velocity and Acceleration
• Analysis of Plane Mechanisms
• Dynamic Analysis of Slider-Crank Mechanism
• Planar Cams and Followers
• Gear Tooth Profiles
• Kinematics and Design of Gears
• Governors and Flywheels
• Balancing of Reciprocating and Rotating Masses
• Vibrations: Free and Forced Vibration of Single Degree Freedom Systems
• Effect of Damping
• Vibration Isolation
• Resonance
• Critical Speed of Rotors

Design of Machine Elements
• Design for Static and Dynamic Loading
• Failure Theories
• Fatigue Strength
• Design of Bolted, Riveted and Welded Joints
• Design of Shafts and Keys
• Design of Spur Gears, Rolling and Sliding Contact Bearings Brakes and Clutches
• Belt, Ropes and Chain Drives

Fluid Mechanics
• Fluid Properties, Fluid Statics, Manometry, Buoyancy
• Control-Volume Analysis of Mass, Momentum and Energy, Fluid Acceleration
• Differential Equation of Continuity And Momentum
• Bernoulli’s Equation
• Viscous Flow of Incompressible Fluids
• Boundary Layer, Elementary Turbulent Flow
• Flow Through Pipes
• Head Losses in Pipes, Bends, etc

• Modes of Heat Transfer
• One Dimensional Heat Conduction
• Resistance Concept
• Electrical Analogy
• Unsteady Heat Conduction, Fins
• Dimensionless Parameters in Free and Forced Convective Heat Transfer
• Various Correlations for Heat Transfer in Flow over Flat Plates and Through Pipes
• Thermal Boundary Layer
• Effect of Turbulence
• Radiative Heat Transfer
• Black and Grey Surfaces
• Shape Factors
• Network Analysis
• Heat Exchanger Performance
• LMTD And NTU Methods

• Zeroth, First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics
• Thermodynamic System and Processes
• Irreversibility and Availability
• Behavior of Ideal and Real Gases
• Properties of Pure Substances
• Calculation of Work and Heat in Ideal Processes
• Analysis of Thermodynamic Cycles related to Energy Conversion
• Carnot, Rankine, Otto, Diesel, Brayton and Vapor Compression Cycles

Power Plant Engineering
• Steam Generators
• Steam Power Cycles
• Steam Turbines
• Impulse and Reaction Principles, Velocity Diagrams, Pressure and Velocity Compounding
• Reheating and Reheat Factor
• Condensers and Feed Heaters
• I.C. Engines: Requirements and Suitability of Fuels in IC Engines, Fuel Ratings, Fuel-Air Mixture Requirements
• Normal Combustion in SI and CI Engines
• Engine Performance Calculations

Refrigeration and air-conditioning
• Refrigerant Compressors
• Expansion Devices
• Condensers and Evaporators
• Properties of Moist Air
• Psychrometric Chart
• Basic Psychometric Processes

• Components of Gas Turbines
• Compression Processes
• Centrifugal and Axial Flow Compressors
• Axial Flow Turbines
• Elementary Theory
• Hydraulic Turbines
• Eulerturbine Equation
• Specific Speed, Pelton-Wheel, Francis and Kaplan Turbines
• Centrifugal Pumps

Engineering Materials
• Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials and their Applications
• Heat Treatment

Metal Casting
• Casting Processes (Expendable and Non-Expendable) - Pattern, Moulds and Cores
• Heating and Pouring
• Solidification and Cooling, Gating Design
• Design Considerations
• Defects

Forming Processes
• Stress-Strain Diagrams for Ductile and Brittle Materials
• Plastic Deformation and Yield Criteria
• Fundamentals of Hot and Cold Working Processes
• Bulk Metal Forming Processes (Forging, Rolling Extrusion, Drawing)
• Sheet Metal Working Processes (Punching, Blanking, Bending
• Deep Drawing, Coining, Spinning
• Load Estimation using Homogeneous Deformation Methods, Defects)
• Processing of Powder Metals Atomization, Compaction, Sintering
• Secondary and Finishing Operations.
• Forming and Shaping of Plastics
• Extrusion, Injection Molding

Joining Processes
• Physics of Welding
• Fusion and Non-Fusion Welding Processes
• Brazing and Soldering
• Adhesive Bonding
• Design Considerations in Welding
• Weld Quality Defects
• Machining and Machine Tool

• Mechanics of Machining
• Single and Multi-Point Cutting Tools
• Tool Geometry and Materials
• Tool Life and Wear
• Cutting Fluids
• Machinability
• Economics of Machining
• Non-Traditional Machining Processes

Metrology and Inspection
• Limits, Fits and Tolerances
• Linear and Angular Measurements
• Comparators
• Gauge Design
• Interferometry
• Form and Finish Measurement
• Measurement of Screw Threads
• Alignment and Testing Methods

Tool Engineering
• Principles of Work Holding
• Design of Jigs And Fixtures
• Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Basic Concepts of CAD, CAM and their Integration Tools

Manufacturing Analysis
• Part-Print Analysis
• Tolerance Analysis in Manufacturing and Assembly
• Time and Cost Analysis

• Method Study
• Work Measurement Time Study
• Work Sampling
• Job Evaluation
• Merit Rating

Production Planning and Control
• Forecasting Models
• Aggregate Production Planning
• Master Scheduling
• Materials Requirements Planning

Inventory Control
• Deterministic and Probabilistic Models
• Safety Stock Inventory Control Systems

Operations Research
• Linear Programming
• Simplex and Duplex Method
• Transportation, Assignment
• Network Flow Models
• Simple Queuing Models

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