ISRO Detailed Syllabus of Scientist/Engineer for Computer Science Engineering

ISRO Detailed Syllabus of Scientist/Engineer for Computer Science Engineering

Syllabus for ISRO CS Branch:

Computer Science Detailed Syllabus


Computer H/W Digital Logic
• Logic Functions
• Minimization
• Design and Synthesis of Combinational and Sequential Circuits – Number Representation and Computer Arithmetic (Fixed and Floating point)

Software Systems Data Structures
• Notion of Abstract Data Types
• Stack, Queue, List, Set, String, Tree, Binary search tree, Heap, Graph

Computer Organization
• Machine Instructions and Addressing modes
• ALU and Data-path
• Hardwired and Microprogrammed control
• Memory Interface
• I/O Interface (Interrupt and DMA mode)
• Serial Communication interface
• Instruction Pipelining
• Cache, Main and Secondary Storage

Programming Methodology
• C Programming
• Program control (Iteration, Recursion, Functions)
• Scope, Binding, Parameter passing
• Elementary concepts of Object oriented, Functional and Logic Programming

Algorithms for Problem Solving
• Tree and Graph Traversals
• Connected components
• Spanning Trees, Shortest Paths
• Hashing, Sorting, Searching
• Design Techniques (Greedy, Dynamic Programming, Divideand- Conquer)

Compiler Design
• Lexical Analysis
• Parsing
• Syntax Directed Translation
• Runtime environment
• Code Generation
• Linking (Static and Dynamic)

Operating Systems
• Classical Concepts (Concurrency, Synchronization, Deadlock)
• Processes, Threads and Interprocess communication
• CPU scheduling
• Memory Management
• File systems, I/O systems
• Protection and Security

• Relational Model (ER-model, Relational algebra, Tuple calculus)
• Database Design (Integrity Constraints, Normal forms)
• Query languages (SQL)
• File Structures (Sequential files, Indexing, B+ trees)
• Transactions and Concurrency Control

Computer Networks
• ISO/OSI stack
• Sliding Window Protocol
• LAN Technologies (Ethernet, Token ring)
• Basic Concepts of Switches, Gateways and Routers

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