SSC JE 22-01-2018 Exam Paper [Memory Based] for All Branches

SSC JE 2017 Exam Solved Paper [Memory Based] for All Branches

SSC JE Exam Date: 22 January 2018


GS 22-01-2018

1. In which place 2028 Olympic games will take place
(a) Oslo 
(b) South Korea
(c) Los Angles 
(d) None
Sol.: (c)

2. Who is the writer of the book " you are unique"
(a) Khuswant Singh 
(b) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
(c) Kiran Bedi 
(d) None of these
Sol.: (b)

3. Who is founder of Bahmani kingdom
Sol.: Alauddin Bahman Shah 

4. Bhagirathi and Alaknanda river meet at
(a) Haridwar (b) Patna
(c) Devprayag (d) Rishikesh
Sol.: (c)

5. Block level panchayat Samiti has power related to administration or advisory
(a) An Advisory body 
(b) An administrative authority
(c) A consultant committee 
(d) A supervisory authority
Sol.: (b)

6. Number of chamber in human heart
Sol.: 4

7. Frog breathes through
Sol.:  Through Skin- While completely submerged.
Through Nostril- While outside water.

8. Song Yun visited India during
Sol.: (518-522) AD

9. Main pollutant for greenhouse effect
Sol.: CFCs

10. Governor at the time of Khilafat movement?
Sol.: Lord Chelmsford: Governor General and Viceroy of India (1916-1921). First Published: June 11, 2016
Last Updated: June 12, 2016, Lord Chelmsford served as Governor General and Viceroy of India from 1916 to 1921. Important events during his tenure included Lucknow Pact (1916), Khilafat Movement

11. The name of Japan's Professor received an award from India.
Sol.: Professor Hiroshi Marui for his exemplary contribution to Indology.

12. MP salary decided by
Sol.: Joint Parliamentary Committee consisting of members of both Houses of Parliament.

13. “Nakul Swasthya Patra” related to
Sol.: Provision of Animal Health cards ('Nakul Swasthya Patra')

14. Which of the following Five Year Plans recognized human development as the core of all developmental
(a) Ninth Five Year Plan 
(b) Eighth Five Year Plan
(c) Fifth Five Year Plan 
(d) Third Five Year Plan
Sol.: b

15. The ratio of inertia force to gravity force is known as
(a) Reynold number 
(b) Froud's number
(c) Mach number 
(d) Euler number
Sol.: b

16. Blue Nile river origin
Sol.: Lake Tana in Ethiopia

17. India's top five states/UTs with maximum forest cover as % of their own geographical area are:
(a) Mizoram 
(b) Lakshadweep
(c) A&N islands 
(d) Nagaland
Sol.: a

18. India population by 2011 census % of total world population
Sol.: 17.64%.

19. In which of the following size of image is equal to the actual size
Sol.: Plane mirror

20. Which is declared India’s First heritage city by UNESCO?
Sol.: Ahmedabad

21. What is the colour of sodium vapour lamp?
Sol.: Bright orange Yellow

22. 100th amendment related to?
Ans- India and Bangladesh Boundary

23. Not a smog disease?
Ans- Rickets

24. Mayanmar doesnot touches Indian State?
Ans- Assam

25. Name of LPG yojna

26. Night blindness due to deficiency of
Ans- Vitamin A

27. Winter Olympic 2018 will be held in?
Ans- Pyeongchang (South Korea)

28. Blood Circulation in body is by

Ans- Heart

Electrical 22-01-2018 [Morning]
1. What is time constant in series RC circuit if R = 10 k and C = 0.2 mF
Sol.: T = RC = 2 sec.

2. In a capacitor start IM capacitor is connected with which winding also in series or parallel with winding
Sol.: Connected in series with Auxiliary Winding

3. Which statement is true about superposition theorem
Sol.: The superposition theorem states that in a linear circuit with several sources, the current and voltage for any element in the circuit is the sum of the currents and voltages produced by each source acting independently.

4. Which statement is true about KVL
Sol.: It states that the total voltage around a closed loop must be zero.

5. A galvanometer is changed into voltmeter by connecting resistance
Sol.: Series to it

6. A DC shunt motor when Field winding disconnected during operation then
Sol.: It will dangerously run

7. Which is true about ICEO
Sol.: (1+β)ICBO

8. In which of Following maximum fault occur
Sol.: Overhead Line

Electrical 22-01-2018 [Evening]
1. Which is not used in Transmission line
(a) 132 kV 
(b) 33 kV
(c) 11 kV 
(d) 222 kV
Sol.: (d)

2. Active element is
(a) Resister 
(b) Inductor
(c) Capacitor 
(d) Current source
Sol.: (d)

3. Quality factor in series RLC circuit
Sol.: Q =1/R (L/C)

4. Superposition theorem not used to
(a) Voltage 
(b) Current
(c) Resistance 
(d) Power
Sol.: (d)

5. Current in series resonance
(a) Maximum 
(b) Minimum
(c) Maximum and minimum 
(d) None of these
Sol.: (a)

6. Energy store in form of charge in which
(a) Capacitor 
(b) Inductor
(c) Resistor 
(d) None of these
Sol.: (a)

7. Constant speed run motor
(a) DC Shunt 
(b) DC Series
(c) Inductor motor 
(d) None of these
Sol.: (a)

8. In tape recorder which motor is used
(a) Hysteresis motor 
(b) Reluctance motor
(c) Stepper motor 
(d) None of these
Sol.: (a)

9. In EHV the earthling wire mounted
(a) Above line 
(b) Downline
(c) Between line 
(d) None of these
Sol.: (a)

10. Free e– available in
(a) Inductor 
(b) Insulator
(c) Semiconductor 
(d) Non-conductor
Sol.: (a)

11. Trivalent Element is
(a) B 
(b) Al
(c) Ga 
(d) All of the above
Sol.: (d)

12. In an autotransformer, power is transferred through
(a) Conduction process alone 
(b) Induction process alone
(c) Both conduction and induction processes 
(d) Mutual coupling
Sol.: (c)

13. DC over AC used because of
(a) Low skin effect 
(b) DC has high corona losses over AC
(c) Low cost 
(d) None of these
Sol.: (a)

14. A hysteresis motor works on the principle of
(a) Hysteresis loss 
(b) Magnetization of rotor
(c) Eddy current loss 
(d) Electromagnetic induction.

Sol.: (a)


Q1. The density of water is maximum at which temperature?
Ans- 4 °C

Q2. What happens due to excess quantity of sulfur in a diesel engine?

Q3. Rotary IC engine is the inversion of?

Q4. What happens if more carbon deposits on the piston of the cylinder?

Q5. In manometer, a better liquid combination is having a higher viscosity or lower viscosity?

Q6. Chezy equation is used in case of?

Q7. In the PV diagram, triple point is a line or point?

Q8. What is the relation which represents Mollier diagram?

Q9. Determine the tensile stress, if the axial load is 10 KN and the dimensions are 20mmx20mm

Q10. What will be the capillary rise at 20 C in a clean glass having 1mm bore?

Q11. What is the radial distance of tooth from pitch circle to the top of the tooth?

Q12. MSST was given by?

Q13. Which of the conditions represent steady uniform flow?

Q14. Which of the relations represent irreversible and impossible flow?

Q15. What is the upward force on a submerged body in a liquid called?

Q16. What will be the BMD in case of a UVL acting on a cantilever beam (zero at free end)?

Q17. At what pressure properties of water and steam become identical?                            
Q18. Due to friction lining wear varies as?

Q19. Which of the equation defines enthalpy
         a. U + pv/E
         b. U + EPV

Q20. What is the ratio of actual dimension and the theoretical dimension called? 

Q21. Fluid in equilibrium cant sustain which of the following? 

Q22. In a blur body, what is the condition between pressure drag and friction drag? 

Q23. Rankine theory represents?

Q24. Which of the following state is observed after material gets work hardened?

Q25. What is the properties of the material called through which it regains its original shape?

Q27.Which of the following governor has pendulum attached to its sleeve?

Q28.What is the rate of change of moment of momentum called

Q29.What is dryness fraction?

Q31.What is the slope called in case of Mollier diagram

Q32.Which state is obtained after the mechanical operation Austempering?

a. Martensite

Q33.Which process can be used in place of isothermal process at atmospheric process?

Q34.If the COP of the refrigerator is 5, then find the efficiency of the corresponding heat engine?

Q35.How is the size of cam determined?

Q36.What is the pressure distribution in case of Uniform Wear Theory?

Q37.What is the streamlines if U = ax and V = by

Q38.Preheating in welding is done in which of the following matter?

Q39.Which of the following fluid offers no resistance?

Q40.What is the Mean Effective Pressure in case of Otto cycle..(some data)?

Q41.Find out the efficiency of the Otto Cycle (some data)?

Q42.Find out the angular acceleration of the flywheel (some data)?

Q43.Which among diesel engine and the petrol engine is more efficient having same compression ratio and same heat added?

Q44.What is the equivalent length of the bar in case of both ends fixed?

Q45.Find out the contact ratio?

Q46.What is the relation between Clausius inequality and Kelvin statement in the second law of thermodynamics?

Find 23-01-2018 Paper here- http://bit.ly/2n7cZCn 

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