SSC JE 23-01-2018 Exam Paper [Memory Based] for All Branches

SSC JE 23-01-2018 Exam Paper [Memory Based] for All Branches


GS 23-01-2018
1. Vitamin used to prevent blood clotting
Sol.Vitamin K

2. Who is the chairman of BCCI
Sol.Vinod Rai

3. ARD in NABARD stands for?
Sol.National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development 

4. Founder of Mughal empire.
Sol.Babur (1526-30)

5. Palghat located in between which two state
Sol.Kerala-Tamil Nadu

6. Taxila was the capital of which ancient Mahajanpada?

7. Red colour of blood is due to presence of -
Sol.: Haemoglobin 

8. Which country will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

9. Which instrument is used to locate the centre of earthquake

10. How many components of an ecosystem

11. Who is the first presiding president/chairman of constituent assembly?
Sol.Sachchidananda Sinha

12. Surajkund Mela is held in?
Ans- Faridabad (Haryana)

13. Ganga river in Bangladesh is known as?
Ans- Padma

14. NPS is regulated by whom?

15. Monetary Policy is made by?
Ans- RBI

16. Budget is prepared and presented by?
Ans- Finance Minister

17. Myopia is caused because of?

18. Marble cancer is caused by?
Ans- Acid Rain

19. Who was first presiding president of the constituent assembly?

20. Which metal is in liquid form at room temperature?
Ans- Hg

21. Where will FIFA WC 2018 take place?
Ans- Russia

22. MP shares its border with how many states?

23. The tropic level in an ecological pyramid is divided into how many parts?
Ans- 4

24. Kumbh Mela is added in world heritage by?

25. Nagaland was formed in which year?
Ans- 1963

26. The first meeting of the constituent assembly held at?
Ans- Constituent Hall, New Delhi

27. Parallel economy?

28. Which animal is not in National Emblem?

29. BRICS bank name?
Ans- New Development Bank

30. Palghat Pass

31. Amount of loan in MUDRA Scheme?

32. Govind Sagar Lake?

33. The image formed on which part of the eye?
Ans- Retina



Electrical 23-01-2018 

1. The speed regulation of a 3 phase synchronous motor is
(a) 5% (b) 1%
(c) 0.4% (d) Zero
Sol.: (d)

2. A 10KVA autotransformer, turn ratio is 0.4. Find the power transferred inductively?
(a) 4 KVA 
(b) 10 KVA
(c) 6 KVA 
(d) 0 KVA
Sol.: (c)

3. A 100/10, 50 VA double winding transformer is converted to 100/110 V autotransformer. The rating of autotransformer is
(a) 550 VA 
(b) 100 VA
(c) 110 VA 
(d) 500 VA
Sol.: (a)

4. A galvanometer in series with a high resistance is called
(a) An ammeter 
(b) A voltmeter
(c) A wattmeter 
(d) None of these
Sol.: (b)

5. An ammeter is connected in ___________ with the circuit element whose current we wish to measure
(a) Series 
(b) Parallel
(c) Series or parallel 
(d) None of these
Sol.: (a)

6. What is the relationship between alpha and beta in a transistor
Sol.α = β/(1+β)

7. The motor used for intermittent, high torque load is
(a) DC shunt motor 
(b) DC series motor
(c) Differential compound motor 
(d) Cumulative compound motor
Sol.: (d)

8. If the frequency of induction motor is decreased.
Sol.Φ   V/f

9. If four capacitors of 2 mF is connected in parallel then equivalent capacitance is
Sol.: 8 mF

10. Bucholz relay is used for
Sol.: Buchholz relay is used for the protection of transformers from the faults occurring inside the transformer.

11. On which theory single phase induction motor operates.
Sol.: Double revolving field theory

12. Find the resistivity of the given circuit?

13. Find the base and collector current of the given circuit?

14. Find the shunt resistance of the ammeter?

15. Find the resistance so that the bridge is balanced.

16. What is the function of Interpol in DC?

17. Find the Equivalent resistance of the given circuit?

18. What do you mean by High Torque Motor?

19. If excitation is increased, what effect does it shows for the load constant

1. Points where addendum meets?

2. Degree of freedom of a given mechanism (figure given)

3. Number of binary and tertiary joints (Figure given)

4. In pseudoplastic, how will viscosity vary shear strain?

5. What makes a Hartnell governor stable?

6. Find stress on a prismatic bar subjected to forces at different joints? 

7. Find COP of a heat pump whose Carnot efficiency is 75%?

8. Metacentric height is the distance between?

9. Value of Metacentric height for sailing a ship?

10. Which section is best for an open channel?

11. Strongest components are produced by?
Ans- Forging

12. Crater wear is highest in which of the following tool?

13. Which process is used to join rubber with steel plate?

14. The composition of Monel Metal?

15. First law of Thermodynamics?

16. The angle of twist in the series connection of shaft?

17. What is thermal stress?

18. Age hardening is done for which metal?

19. Find velocity for given stream function?

20. Specific speed of turbine depends upon the?

21. The unit speed of a turbine?

22. In a bull engine which link is used?

Find 22-01-2018 Paper here- http://bit.ly/2n8jy7G 

SSC JE Paper-1 Cutoff for All Branches

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