SSC JE 25-01-2018 Exam Paper [Memory Based] For All Branches

SSC JE 25-01-2018 Exam Paper [Memory Based] For All Branches


SSC JE 25 January 2017 Morning and Evening Exam Questions

GS 25 January 2018

1. Deficiency of Vitamin B causes?
Ans- Beri-beri

2. Fleming’s Right-Hand Rule is known as?

In blood, Haemoglobin forms bonds with?
Ans- Oxygen

Which country won FIFA 2017?

Nodal defeat whom?

Which country's flag is not square or rectangular?

Latest launched satelite name?

Nanda Parvat is in which state?

India's largest border with which country?

Which was the runner-up cricket team of Davis Cup 2017?

Who won the Noble Prize in Economics?

What is the impact of Inflation on the value of money?

Rajgir was capital of?
Ans- Magadh

Which Ruler Appointed Ibn Batuta as Qazi or Judge Of Delhi? 
Ans– Md. Bin Tughlaq

Bhakti Movements Led By Alvars were devoted to? 

Tag Line – "Don't be Evil"
Ans– Google

Electric Chair was Invented By? 
Ans– Alfred P. Southwick

Brain Fever is Caused By? 
Ans– Mosquitoes

Mangroves are Plants that have? 
Ans– Respiratory Roots

Rodentia Sciurus is the Scientific Name Of? – Squirrel

If Cash Reserve Ratio Decreases, credit Creation will? – Increase

Haematite is an Ore Of? 
Ans– Iron

Name the lead actor in Hollywood movie “Top Gun”? – Tom Cruise

The Study Of Universe is Known as? – Cosmology

Adolf Hitler was ______Politician? – German

Prithvi Raj Chauhan married to? – Sanyukta

Which Film for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar In the Year 2016? – Son Of Soul

The Maximum Number Of Members Present In Rajya Sabha? – 250

K Srikanth is a Player Of? – Badminton

Who Wrote the Book A Life Less Ordinary: A Memoir? – Baby Halder

The Longest Sea Beach In India is? – Marina Beach (Chennai)

The J & K State Legislative Assembly has tenure Of? – 6 Years

Which Committee is Described as Twin Sister Of Estimates Committee? – Public Accounts Committee

Civil 25 January 2018 [Morning & Evening Shift]

1. The compressive strength of M35?
2. Ratio of M15
3. Water-cement ratio increases with the increase of?
4. Ferro cement used?
5. Truss end frame difference?
6. Plastering width of the beam?
7. Timber protection from fire?
8. Before plastering wall in which condition?
9. Initial setting time of DPC?
10. Which type of geniss?
11. The weight of 1 bag cement?
12. Which used flog in brick?
13. Cement bag storage distance?
14. Which test is used for tensile strength?
15. Why are compaction used?
16. Which is related stratification?
17. Air permeability test?
18. Soundness test?
19. Slump cone height for different construction?
20. Price of plinth area calculation by given data?
21. The ratio of 7days and 28days concrete strength?
22. What type of flow is at 3000 Reynold's number?
23. Laminar flow occurs below Reynold's number
24. The width of IS brick wall?
25. The ratio of point load to UDL of maximum deflection?
26. Modular size of brick?
27. Percentage retain on is seive 9
(a) 0.1
(b) 0.01
(c) 0.90
(d) 0.03
28. Numerical on wood ratio and porosity
29. Number of brick in 5m3
30. Slenderness ratio definition relation
31. Numerical on carpet area determination
32. Weak Froude number

Mechanical 25 January 2018

Metric System

Bernoulli’s Equation

Shear Stress & Shear Strain

Unit of Surface Tension?

Which property is responsible for Capillary Action?

The relation between Modulus of Rigidity (G), Bulk Modulus (K) & Elasticity Modulus (E).

What does the First Law of Thermodynamics States?

One question on PV Diagram of Diesel Cycle was asked.

Two numerical were asked on Degree of Freedom.

There was one question asked based on Equivalent Torque and Equivalent Bending.

One numerical was asked on Principle Stress.

Question on Iron – Carbon Diagram.

Question based on Weber’s Number.

Discharge formula for V- notch.

Which unit is not dimensionless?

One question was asked on Assumption in Bernoulli’s Equation.

Discharge formula for rectangular notch?

The relation between Shear Stress and Deformation in Pseudo Plastic?

An object is 60% submerged. Find its Specific Gravity.

In a partially submerged body, the value of buoying force will be 
less/more/equal to the volume displaced?

Velocity potential function & Φ are given, find the Velocity.

Specific Speed of Kaplan Turbine?

In a Diesel Engine, what enters first in the cylinder?

What is the value of maximum deflection in simply supported beam subjected to point load?

What is the ratio of buckling load in case of both fixed and hinged column?

Heat transfer is governed by which law of thermodynamics?

NB: More Questions will be added here as soon as we got 

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