SSC JE 24-01-2018 Exam Paper [Memory Based] for All Branches

SSC JE 24-01-2018 Exam Paper [Memory Based] for All Branches


GS 24 January 2018 [Morning & Evening Shifts]

1. Vitamin D deficiency causes?
Ans- Rickets

2. Minimata disease caused by
Ans- Mercury

3. Mettur dam is in?
Ans- Tamilnadu

4. Venue of Winter Olympic 2022
Ans- Bejing (China)

5. Which state got Metro on Sept 5
Ans- Lucknow

6. State with Bicameral Legislature
Ans- Maharashtra

7. Acid present in Lemon?
Ans- Citric Acid

8. Back to Vedas given by
Ans- Dayanand Saraswati

9. Venue of Summer Olympic 2024
Ans- Paris, France

10. Author of “The Election that changed India”
Ans- Rajdeep Sardesai

11. To which country Children of Freedom fighter India gave money
Ans- Bangladesh

12. Nobel Prize in Medicine 2017
Ans- Michael W. Young, Michael Rosbash, Jeffrey C. Hall

13. Owner of Punjab Keshri
Ans- Lala Jagat Narain

14. The feature of Single citizenship of Indian Constitution is borrowed from?
Ans- UK (England)

15. Who was never a part of Constituent Assembly?
Ans- Mahatma Gandhi

16. Dhyanchand Award 2017?
Athletes- Bhupendra Singh
Football- Syed Shahid Hakeem (Ans)
Hockey- Sumarai Tete

17. World Rapid Chess Championship 2017 winner?
Ans- Vishwanathan Anand

18. Megasthenese came to India during the reign of?
Ans- Chandragupta Maurya

19. 27 Dec 2017 ODI most sixes?
Ans- Rohit Sharma

20. Tiger census with which country
Ans- Nepal

21. Bicameral legislation borrowed from?
Ans- UK

22. US Open Women Single?
Ans- Sloane Stephens

23. Platelets

24. Decimal coin system of Indian Currency started in?
Ans- 1957

25. Naptha Jhakhri dam on which river?
Ans- Sutlej

26. Light is-
Ans- Electromagnetic wave

27. Which line divide globe in Northern and Southern Hemisphere?
Ans- Equator

28. What happens during Exhalation?

29. First woman nominated member of Rajyasabha?
Ans- Rukmini Devi

30. Who gets benefitted during inflation?

31. Enforcement of Adult Scheme

32. Country's growth rate is measured by?
Ans- GDP

33. Which committee recommendations are being followed for estimating poverty line in India?
Ans- Lakdawala committee

34. Baby's sex depend on?

35. Clotting of blood due to?


From the above analysis, it is clear that you should focus on following topics of GS for Upcoming days exam-
Topics are:
Vitamin, its source and deficiency disease
Sports Venue, 
Book Author, 
Acids and their Source, 
Nobel Prize of winner 2017

Reasoning 24 January 2018 [Morning & Evening Shifts]

Question on-
Blood relation


Questions related to following topics are asked-
Centrifugal Pump
Turbine (head, discharge related problem)
Thermodynamics process
Thermodynamics laws
IC Engine (Otto cycle, Diesel Cycle)
Reynolds number relation
Degree of freedom
Friction Factor
Four bar mechanism
Stress-strain relation (Hooks Law)
E,G,K relation
Euler's Theory
Chip velocity along shear plane

Clutch is defined as?
a) Driving member
b) Driven member
c) Neutral member
d) None

Civil 24 January 2018 [Morning & Evening Shifts]

1. Economical depth of a plate girder
2. Section modulus of the triangular beam at the base?
3. Effect of adding calcium chloride to concrete?
4. Number of effective width of flange of T-beam
5. In long and Short wall method, we go on superstructure from the base, length.

NB: More Questions will be added here as soon as we got 

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