Computer Science & IT Handwritten Notes For GATE, PSUs

Computer Science & IT Handwritten Notes For GATE, PSUs

GATE CS-IT Engineering Handwritten Notes

These Toppers Handwritten notes are written in a well-organised way to express the key concept along with numerical involve in the chapter.


Contents of the Package

Compiler Design - Buy@Rs75
Operating System- Buy@Rs75
Database Management System- Buy@Rs75
Computer Network & Security- Buy@Rs75 
Computer Network (Hardcopy)- Buy@Rs275
Computer Organisation- Buy@Rs60
Theory of Computation- Buy@Rs50
Algorithm- Buy@Rs75
Data Structure- Buy@Rs75 
Discrete Mathematics - Buy@Rs100 
Discrete Mathematics (Hardcopy)- Buy@275
Digital Electronics- Buy@Rs50 
Digital Electronics V1.2- Buy@Rs100
Engineering Mathematics-
Reasoning Aptitude- Buy@Rs70 

Verbal Ability (English) V1.3- Buy@Rs60 

CS & IT Handwritten Notes Package- Buy@Rs2000 

Computer Network V0.9- Buy@Rs30 
Network Theory V0.9- Buy@Rs50
Network Theory V1.1- Buy@Rs40 
Network Theory V1.2- Buy@Rs100 
Graph Theory- Download for Free 
Compiler Design- Buy@Rs75
Computer Fundamental- Buy@Rs75 
Computer Organisation- Buy@Rs60
Computer Network Hardcopy Note- Buy@Rs275 
DBMS Handwritten Note- Buy@Rs80

All notes will be delivered to your address within 7-10 working days.
For any further query, you may contact us at erforum.net@gmail.com

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