[PDF] Strength Of Materials notes by SK Mondal Sir

Strength Of Materials notes by SK Mondal Sir

Strength Of Materials notes is available for GATE and ESE aspirant of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering branch. The Questions from this subject is easy to attempt If you are aware of the key concepts of the subject. So, here we are sharing Strength of Materials Notes in PDF format for all of you.

About Author: SK Mondal is an Ex-IES Officer (Railway), GATE topper, NTPC ET-2003 batch, 15 years teaching experience, Author of Hydro Power Familiarization (NTPC Ltd)


Strength Of Materials

Aim of Strength Of Materials is to derive the expressions for strains, deformations and stresses induced under various loading conditions by using material properties.
Here, the shared Strength Of Materials (SOM) notes is by SK Mondal sir at Made Easy classroom. You will found all the SOM topics in this note. So, let see the below contents of the note.

Contents of the Note

Chapter – 1: Stress and Strain
Chapter - 2: Principal Stress and Strain
Chapter - 3: Moment of Inertia and Centroid
Chapter - 4: Bending Moment and Shear Force Diagram
Chapter - 5: Deflection of Beam
Chapter - 6: Bending Stress in Beam
Chapter - 7: Shear Stress in Beam
Chapter - 8: Fixed and Continuous Beam
Chapter - 9: Torsion
Chapter- 10: Thin Cy
Chapter- 11: Thick Cylinder
Chapter- 12: Spring
Chapter- 13: Theories of Column
Chapter- 14: Strain Energy Method
Chapter- 15: Theories of Failure

Key Features

This shared printed material contains- “Asked Objective Questions” is the total collection of questions from:-
27 yrs IES (2018-1992) [Engineering Service Examination]
27 yrs. GATE (2018-1992) [Mechanical Engineering]
16 yrs. GATE (2018-2003) [Civil Engineering]
and in addition, it contains 14 yrs. IAS (Prelim.) [Civil Service Preliminary]
Firstly see Preview of the note below

However, the above-shared note is enough for the preparation of GATE, ESE, PSUs, IRMS, RRB JE, SSC JE etc.
In addition, we are sharing a handwritten note of Strength of Materials by SK Mondal

Let see the preview of the note after that download link is available at the bottom of this article.


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