Hand Written Notes On GYROSCOPE

Hand Written Notes On GYROSCOPE:

Gyroscope is an important topics for Mechanical Engineering students which comes under PAPER- Theory Of Machine (TOM).
This hand written notes is important for your semester / yearly exam as well as competitive exams.
Its importance got increased after release of New Syllabus for GATE-2016. Previously this topic is not included under Theory Of Machine of GATE Syllabus.

This hand written notes on Gyroscope includes following Content-

Principle of gyroscope
Gyroscopic acceleration
Gyroscopic couple and reaction
Numerical Examples based on gyroscope

After Reading this note you are able to understand and solve problem based on-

Principle of Gyroscope
Gyroscopic effect
Gyroscopic acceleration
Spinning and precession
Precessional motion
Gyroscopic couple or torque
Gyroscopic effect on Naval Aircraft
Gyroscopic effect on Naval Ship
Gyroscopic effect during steering
Gyroscopic effect on pitching
Gyroscopic effect during rolling