[PDF] BSNL JE(TTA) Previous Solved Paper & Model Test Paper

Download BSNL TTA Previous Paper & Model Test Paper in PDF 


BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) a government PSU recruit Engineering Diploma (Degree also) for the post of TTA Telecom Technical Assistant (Now called JE that is Junior Engineer). This is a One Day Exam held at All India Level including all Telecom Circle of India on the same day. Previously each Telecom circle was free to take the offline exam at their level so different questions for different circles. But now in the age of Online Exam, Each Telecom Circle Participate to organise same Online Exam on Same day. If candidates are more it may be held at multiple shifts like in 2015 BSNL TTA SDR (Special Recruitment Drive).

Every candidate are searching for BSNL JE Previous 10 Year Solved Papers of different Telecom Circles, but nowhere they found the collection of Last 10-15 Year BSNL TTA Previous Papers in PDF Format. Don't worry now you are at right place. Team Engineers Forum working hard to collect at least Last 10 Year BSNL JE (erstwhile TTA) Previous Paper PDF here. Please go through the mentioned link of Previous Solved Papers and you will find 2007 to 2016 Previous papers of BSNL at one Place. These collections of BSNL TTA Question and Answer in PDF format will help you to understand the Level of Questions and Pattern of Exam. 

Here the mentioned paper of BSNL TTA can be downloaded Year Wise and Circle Wise (As previously different Paper for different Circles). 2015 Onward all BSNL Papers are only year-wise since now it is Online. Below is the actual structure of Telecom Technical Assistant Exam which is single three hours Online Computer Based MCQ Test consists of 200 questions including General Ability Test, Basic Engineering and Specialisation. You Can check Detailed Syllabus and Pattern of BSNL JE Exam for better understanding of Paper. 

There shall be three written (objective type) papers (Paper – I, Paper-II, Paper-III) as per details are given below :


            Paper                               Allotted Marks   
Part I General ability test                     20       
Part II Basic Engineering                     90       
Part III Specialization                          90

Specialization includes the following Sections:
Section A: Electrical
Section B: Communication
Section C: Networks, Filters and Transmission Lines
Section D: Instruments and Measurements
Section E: Control Systems
Section F: Microprocessors
Section G: Computers
Note: Specialization part consists of all section question and is common for all irrespective of branches.

The Previous Solved Papers of BSNL JE (erstwhile TTA) can be downloaded from the given below links: 

Must-Know: Duties & Responsibilities of BSNL JE (TTA)

Pattern & Structure Of BSNL JE (TTA) Exam is as below:
General Ability [20 Questions each carry 1 Mark]
Basic Engineering [90 Questions each carry 1 Mark]
(This paper include questions from all 7 specialization subjects).
These all Section questions are common for all candidates irrespective of their branches.
[90 Questions each carry 1 Mark]
Network, Filters and Transmission Line
Instrument & Measurement
Control System

Marking Scheme:
1 Mark for each correct attempt and -0.25 Mark for each wrong attempt.

Download: BSNL JE 2016 Official Questions & Answer Key

Here the Previous Papers of following Telecom Circles are available to Download: 

Download Telecom Circle Wise / Year Wise Previous Solved Paper (Click on year to download Question Paper & Answer Key of respective Telecom Circles)
1. Andaman & Nicobar Telecom Circle
2. Andhra Pradesh Telecom Circle
3. Assam Telecom Circle:      2012
4. Bihar Telecom Circle      
5. Chennai Telephones
6. Chhattisgarh Telecom Circle
7.  Gujarat Telecom Circle:      2007  2008
8. Haryana Telecom Circle:      2012
9. Himachal Pradesh Telecom Circle
10. Jammu & Kashmir Telecom Circle
11. Jharkhand Telecom Circle:      2013
12. Karnataka Telecom Circle
13. Kerala Telecom Circle:      2012
14. Kolkata Telephones      2012
15. Madhya Pradesh Telecom Circle:     2007
16. Maharashtra Telecom Circle:      2007  2008  2012
17. North East-I Telecom Circle:      2012
18. North East-II Telecom Circle
19. NTR
20. Orissa Telecom Circle
21. Punjab Telecom Circle
22. Rajasthan Telecom Circle
23. Tamil Nadu Telecom Circle:      2012
24. UP(E) Telecom Circle
25. UP (W) Telecom Circle
26. Uttaranchal Telecom Circle
27. West Bengal Telecom Circle      

Note: In this Table / Chart Only those papers are mentioned of which telecom circles are confirmed, rest paper can be downloaded from the below mentioned Link.

If you want more BSNL TTA Previous Paper / Model Test Paper do comment, we will send it to you. You can find here BSNL past papers and sample papers for JE exam. These papers are also useful for other BSNL Exams.

Download: BSNL TTA Detailed Syllabus and Pattern

Download: BSNL JE/TTA 2007 Paper [MP Telecom Circle]

Download: BSNL JE / TTA 2007 Paper [Gujrat Telecom Circle]

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Download: BSNL JE / TTA 2012 Solved Paper [NE-1 Circle] 

Download: BSNL JE / TTA 2012 Paper

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Download: BSNL JE/ TTA 2007 [Maharashtra Telecom Circle] Paper

Download: BSNL JE / TTA 2012 Solved Paper [***Telecom Circle] : 

 Download: BSNL JE/TTA 2012 Solved Paper [New Telecom Circle]

 Download: BSNL JE /TTA 2012 Paper [Another Telecom Circle]

Download: BSNL JE/TTA 2012 Solved Paper [Kerala Telecom Circle]

Download: BSNL JE / TTA 2012 Paper [Maharashtra Telecom Circle]

Download: BSNL JE / TTA 2013 Paper [Jharkhand Circle]

Download: BSNL JE / TTA 2015 Solved Paper

Download: BSNL JE / TTA 2015 Solved Paper (All Sets) [All Circle]

Download: BSNL JE / TTA 2016 Solved Paper

BSNL JE Study Material:

Download: Basic Electrical Study Material
Download: BSNL TTA/JE Model Test Paper with Answer Key
Download: Applied Physics Study Material /notes
Download: [PDF] DBMS MCQ Practice Sets

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  1. hi please send previous year question paper esp of computer science to narmadha.raju@gmail.com

    1. Hello !
      These Last 10 year Previous question paper of BSNL JE(erstwhile TTA) is common to all branches who are eligible for this post. These papers are common for following branches Like... Telecommunication, Electronics, Electrical, Radio, Computer, Instrumentation and Information Technology.
      These question paper constitutes of three parts Part-1:General Ability, Part-2:Basic Engineering and Part-3:Specialisation;
      Specialisation Part contains 7 sections as Electrical, Communication, Network Filters & Transmission line, Instrument and measurement, Control system, microprocessor and Computer. Although specialisation part have questions from different branches You have to attempt all 200 questions.
      Download Previous Papers of BSNL JE from above mentioned link.

  2. Hi Pls send previous year solved question papers for BSNL JE exam to e.prabha1995@gmail.com

    1. Hello PrabhaDevi!
      Previous year Solved / Unsolved question papers for BSNL JE are available to PDF download with above mentioned link. Please go through it and download Previous Papers of BSNL TTA. However Few Papers are unsolved , we will try to provide Solution of those paper as soon as possible.

  3. Thanks Sir For this collection of BSNL JE(erstwhile TTA) Previous Solved PDF Paper. I want more Previous Paper, Please keep posting. Please post paper of BSNL TTA from 2006 to 2016. I want also some Study material for BSNL JE upcoming exam. Please share Basic Engineering, General Ability and Specialisation Paper study material.

    1. Hi Sumit !
      Thanks for your appreciation. We have already posted about 20 previous solved paper of BSNL JE (TTA) and still posting. Keep in touch with ErForum.Net to get more Previous Solved Papers Of JE. We will Soon post BEST Study Material For BBSNL TTA (JE). As we are sharing/posting regularly on this page. You should BookMark this Page for all latest updates about Previous Solved Paper and Study Material of BSNL Junior Engineer.

  4. Hi Admin.... You are doing such a great job... Thumbs up for you..
    can you provide me the solved questions related to basic engineering and specialization (ECE)?
    Please send me all the question papers which you have for this (TTA) post to my mail id soninanu@ymail.com Asap.

    Thanks & Regards!

    1. Hello Ravi Soni !
      Thanks for appreciating our work. We received a lot of emails at erforum.net@gmail.com and Admin@erforum.net asking for Previous Solved Paper of BSNL JE, so practically it is not possible to send Previous Paper of BSNL JE(TTA) to each aspirant separately. It is suggested that you should Bookmark this Page and visit here regularly for more BSNL Junior Engineer Exam Previous Solved Paper (We are Posting Daily).
      Your Second Query is About Basic Engineering Study Material; Yes we will post BEST out of all Basic Engineering Study Material available so far in the market and on Internet. We are preparing Basic Engineering Study Material keeping in mind each and every point of BSNL JE Latest Syllabus.

      Team Engineers Forum

    2. Glad to have on your blog....can you please tell on detail about specialization part...I'm from computers background....should I attempt all the questions irrespective of branch?? or else... I need to answer only computer questions??

    3. Hello Nazma!
      If you read Pattern and Structure of BSNL TTA (JE) as posted above it is clearly mentioned that all specialisation section questions are same and common to all irrespecive of their branches.
      Means you have to solve questions of all following listed sections:-
      Section A : Electrical
      Section B : Communication
      Section C : Networks, Filters and Transmission Lines
      Section D : Instruments and Measurements
      Section E : Control Systems
      Section F : Microprocessors
      Section G : Computers

      For any further details please ask here.

  5. Dear sir ,
    please sir send me all bsnl je exam papers. my mail address is sandesh.sawate@gmail.com

    1. Hi Sandesh Sawate !
      Download All 20 Previous Solved Paper of BSNL JE (TTA) from the above Mentioned PDF Download Link. More Previous Solved Paper of Different Telecom Circles and Study Material for BSNL TTA exam will be available here soon, we are working on that.
      For More updates about BSNL Junior Engineer Exam you should Bookmark this page .

  6. is it that every circle has different paper...or for all circle the paper is same ?
    so that i can download only specific circle paper onlt...!

    1. Yes. Now 2015 Onward there is same paper for all BSNL Telecom Circles (Online Mode Exam).
      Previously when this exam was of Offline Mode each circles have different exam paper.
      It is suggested that you should download all 20-25 BSNL TTA / JE Previous Solved / Unsolved Official / Original Paper from here. For Better preparation of Exam go through these previously asked questions.
      2015 Online Mode BSNL TTA Exam [All Sets] Questions with Correct Answers are available here, download it and prepare accordingly.

  7. Hii sir i want to know tht bsnl je exam hv negative marking or not if u knoe plz give me answer eveeywhere is mentioned every qustn hs one marks but here negative marking or not no site mentioned this information

    1. Hello Neha !
      Yes, there is negative marking in BSNL JE (erstwhile TTA). We have clearly mentioned at each and every previous paper post that there is negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong attempt. You may check it here.
      For more updates about BSNL JE 2016 keep in touch with us.

  8. Thanku u sir for collection of question papers great job plz do share if u get new husenm72@gmail.com

    1. Hello Husen!
      Thanks for appreciation. We are still working on paper collection...and update it as soon as we get. After completing mcq of BSNL JE previous paper you should do Model Test Paper Shared at Engineers Forum this may helps to boost your performance in upcoming exam.

      Team Engineers Forum

  9. Can you please tell in detail about specialization part...I'm from computers back ground...I need to answer all The subjects?? irrespective of branches??

    1. Yes, you have to solve all questions irrespective of your branch.

  10. Hi admin what is the best book for preparation for bsnl tta and jto?

  11. Sir some papers answer key not given,if u can provide all papers answer key

  12. In bsnl tta 2007 maharastra paper you uploaded recently, only general engineering paper is there. kindly upload general ability and specialization papers also.

  13. I have previous BSNL JE 2013 KARNATAKA paper. Send your email ID to my email raghuonlin@gmail.com

  14. hi i am in need of (JOA) BSNL Previous year question paper can you please inbox it to janane1106@gmail.com