RRB JE 24-05-2019 Memory based Questions-Answers

RRB JE 24-05-2019 Memory based Questions-Answers

Railway JE Memory based Papers


Exam Date- 24 May 2019

1st Shift Memory based Questions

1. Do or Die related to which Movement?
Ans- Quit India Movement

2. 1st Commonwealth Games Held In?
Ans- 1930

3. India’s First Space Museum

4.  India’s Most Eastern State 
Ans- Arunachal Pradesh

5. Rawan Satellite Launched by 
Ans- Srilanka

6. First International Spice Conference in India held at?
Ans- Kochi

7. Federation Cup Given in?
Ans- Football
(Fed Cup-Tennis)

8. Assam regional dance?
Ans- Sattariya

9. Head Quarter Of World Bank 
Ans- Washington Dc

10. 2nd President Of India S. Radhakrishnan

11. INS Vikrant- Aircraft Carrier Navy

12.  First Women Went To Space?
Ans- Valentine Tereshkova

13.  Special Olympic?
Ans- Abu Dhabi

14. Ethanol  Reacts With Water Then What Happen?

15. Unit Of Power
Ans- Watt

16. Alkali Metal In Periodic Table? 
Ans- Group I

17. Formula Of Chloroform Chcl3movie Hall Roof Wall Made- Curved

18. Humidity Measure – Hygrometer

19.  Barometer Using For Atmospheric Pressure Measuring

20. 2nd Law Of Refraction – 1 Question

21. Parsec Is Unit For
Ans– Distance
(Hint: 1Parsec=3.26 light years)

22.  Which Mirror Used By Doctor- Concave

23. Sound Speed Maximum In – Solid Metal

24. Noble Gas In Periodic Table Group 18

25. Iupac Name Of Carbon And Its Compounds

27. Elephantiasis Disease Caused by?
Ans- Parasites

28. Vitamin –Source And Deficiency Disease-Scientific Name
29. National Bird Of Myanmar 
Ans– Grey Peacock

30. CEO Of Apple group
Ans– Tim Cook

31. The Governor Of Mizoram 
Ans- Jagdish Mukhi

32. Study Of Tissues Is Known as?
Ans- Histology

33. Pink City?
Ans– Jaipur

34.  Subhman Gill associated with?
Ans– Cricket 

35. Mrinal Sen who died recently related to?
Ans- Bengali Film maker

1. If A, B And C Do A Piece Of Work In 18, 15 And 10 Days. Find The Ratio Of Work Done By Them In A Day?

2. Cylinder Radius – 5 Cm, Height –h Made A Cone Of Radius 5 Cm And Height –2h Find The Percentage Difference In Volume?
Ans- 100/3%

3. One number When Divided By 32, 27 Remain Then If Divided By 8 Then Remain?

4. Circle Radius Of 8 Cm In This A Square Is Made, Find Area Of Square?

5. Square Root Of 2304?

Ans- 48

2nd Shift Memory Based Questions

1. Acid-Base Indicator is work on the principle of?
Ans- Colour Change

2. Indian Institute Of Rice Research
Ans- Hyderabad

3. First Women Cm Of India
Ans- Sucheta Kripalini

4. G Constant Si Unit?
Ans- M3kg-1s-2

5. Which Is Not A Dairy Product Among This
Ans- Gud

6. ISRO Yuva Scientist
Ans– Yuvika

7. Ndc Establishment Date

8. Which Metal Present In Amalgam

9. Basketball Academy Opened In

10. Calcium Hydroxide – Ca(Oh2)2

11. Kaali Khasi Named as
Ans- Hooping Cough

12. Scurvy  Caused For Deficiency Of?
Ans- Vitamin C

13. In A Concave Lens F= 15 M, U = 13 Then V=?

14. Use Of Ultrasonic Wave In Medical?

15. In Home Wire Is Connected In?
Ans- Parallel

16. Internal Body Parts Checked By
Ans- Ct Scan

17. Cornea Is A Part Of?
Ans- Human Eye

18. Chemical Name Of CaO

19. Morning And Evening Star

20. Antibiotic Discovered By Alexander Flaming
Ans- Penicillin

21. Highest  Ionization  Energy

22. In Which Part Cornea And Retina Is Present In The Eye

23. ECG Is Related To

24. Odd Among
a. LM
b. NK
c. XY

25. Which one is poly atomic among the following?
a. Nitrogen
b. Chlorine
c. Hydrogen
d. Sulphur

26. Which Of The Following Is Acidic In Nature?
a. Lemon Juice
b. Orange
c. Tomato
d. All Of These?

27. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratana Award – Virat Kohli,Chanu

28. One question on the Slave Dynasty.


1. If A Can Do A Work In 40 Days, B In 30 And C In 50 Then If They Work Together Then Work Completed In?
2. The Sequence Root Of X2/Y2+Y2/X2-2

3. Value Of Sin 30⁰?

3rd Shift Memory based Questions

1. Which type of missile is Rustam-2?
Ans- unmanned combat air missile

2. Who scored the first century in test cricket?
Ans- Charles Bannerman

3. The Formula/Name of bleaching powder?
Ans- CaOCl2

4. ISRO new centre opened in?
a. Mumbai
b. Delhi
c. Hyderabad
d. Bangalore

5. If friction does not present then what happens?

6. Indian bodybuilder, who became Mr universe?

7. The loudness of a sound depends on? 
Ans- amplitude

8. Which is not a base?
a. NaOH
b. KOH

9. Which part of human ear sense vibration?

10. One Question related to IODINE

11. Archmidies next experiment after Achmidies Principle?

12. When sound travel from rear to the denser medium?

13. Study of animal known as?

14. One Question about Oscillation

1. How many 3 digit numbers are divisible by 3?

2. Two numbers are in ratio 4:5 and lcm 180 then find the numbers?

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