RRB JE 25-05-2019 Memory based Questions-Answers

RRB JE 25-05-2019 Memory based Questions-Answers

Railway JE Memory based Paper


Exam Date- 25 May 2019

1st Shift Memory based Questions

1. Novak Djokovic belongs to 
Ans– Serbia

2. Who is also known as Alamgir 
Ans– Aurangzeb

3. The chief minister of Goa 
Ans– Pramod Sawant

4. Capital of Nepal 
Ans– Kathmandu

5. Croatia has honoured president Ramnath Kovind with which award? 
Ans– the Grand Order of the King of Tomislav. (highest civilian award)

6. Michel Phillips is from?

7. Source of Vit A 
Ans– Carrot

8. F=10cm, u=6cm then find the image distance? 
Ans- (1/f=1/u+1/v)

9. Sonar is used to measure?
Ans- underwater object
SONAR= Sound Navigation And Ranging

10. The perfect time interval for eco?-

11. Source of vitamin c?
Ans- guava

12. The radius of curvature =2 then focal length?
Ans- (r=2f)

13. The optical lens is not used in 
Ans– stethoscope

14. From a cliff a sound eco came in 4 sec the speed of sound is 334 m/s then distance?

15. Which game is not played in board- squats

16. Cut mark in the tyre is made for
Ans- decreasing friction

17. As you move from left to right, the charge on nucleus – increases; positive charge increases because it gains protons

18. First Indian to go to space?

19.  Who has been conferred with Padam Vibhusan award 2019?

20. What is the PH value of blood?

21. Taj Mahal, Agra located on the bank of which river? 
Ans- Yamuna

22. Article 336 
Ans–  special provision for anglo indians

23. Founder of Brahmo Samaj 
Ans– Raja Ram Mohan Roy

24. Which sport was started in India? 
Ans– Kabaddi

25. First Indian to go to space 
Ans– Rakesh Sharma

26. The first satellite sent to space 
Ans- Sputnik-1

27. Chandigarh is the capital of 
Ans– Punjab & Haryana both

28. Tenure of state government 
Ans– 5 years

29. BaCl2 + NaOH is an example of?
a. combustion
b. oxidation
c. combination reaction

30. The shape of Bacillus bacteria?
Ans- rod

31. The formula of calcium hydroxide 
Ans– Ca(OH)2

32. Weakest base

33. If the radius of curvature is 10cm, find the focal length 
Ans– 5cm

34. The twinkling of stars is because of? 
Ans– atmospheric refraction

35. The nucleus of deuterium contains 
Ans– one proton & one neutron

36. What happens when metal reacts with an acid? – salt + hydrogen gas

37. One Question on simple attaraction force

38. Name of Arvind Kejrival's Party?
Ans- Aam Aadmi Party

39. Loksabha Seats in MP?
Ans- 29

40. Capital of Bangladesh?
Ans- Dhaka


1. CotA= 4/9. Find CosA -SinA/CosA + SinA

2. If 2 goods are at bought at Re.1 and sold at Re.1. Find the loss percentage?

3. Two prime number of HCF 117 then the highest number is?

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