RRB JE 27-05-2019 Memory based Questions-Answers

RRB JE 27-05-2019 Memory based Questions-Answers

Railway JE Questions


Exam Date- 27 May 2019

1. Which mineral cause blood clotting?

2. Oxides of non-metals are?
Ans- acid, basic, amphoteric

3. ........ fibre (name not remembered properly) is ….

4. A neuron in the brain, 
a. a fibre in heart, 
b. a cell in

5. Strongest bone–thigh bone, shin bone, spinal cord,

6. Which is infectious–viral, protozoal, etc

7. Waterborne diseases?
a. Cholera
b. malaria

8. Sponge in biology is…
a. Plant
b. fungus

9. One question on Litmus paper

10. What is the SI unit of current?
Ans- Ampere

11. One question on POP (Plaster of Paris).

12. If we go downward in the group in the periodic table, Alkalinity of an element decrease or increase?

13. If Voltage & Charge are given, then find the value of power?

14. Effect on Current when resistance increases.

15. One question related to voltage.

16. Refractive Index formula

17. Mirror image and focul length given. Find Refractive Index.

18. Modern periodic table was given by?

19. Which fuel is helpful in AC Train

20. Potassium helps in which of the following?

21. Who proposed ‘Origin of Species’?

22. Ongoing down the Periodic Table, Electronegativity increases or decreases

23. Oxides are acidic or basic?

24. Which gas is formed during the reaction of Acid rain + Sulphur+ CO

25. What is the application of ‘Arjun’ developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)?

26. Goitre disease caused due to which? – Iodine

27. If frequency is 50, then find the value of wavelength?

28. If frequency is 0.2 hertz, then find the value of time?

29. Which of the following change litmus paper colour from blue to red?

30. Aquafina is written on which of the following bottles?
Ans- Water bottle

31. Which of the following are the 3 bones of human ear?

32. Mg + 02 = MgO, Which of the following is Oxidised.?

33. One question related to blood.

34. When the world water day is celebrated?

35. ECG is used for?

36. Arrange the Refractive indexes of light – Glass, water, air.

37. The distance of object & Focal length is given. then find the image distance?

38. Scientific Name of Vitamin B3?

39. Which of the following has maximum Electron Affinity?

40. Fraternity & Equality was taken from which country’s Constitution?

41. What was derived from Rutherford’s Experiment?

42. Lucknow Pact was sighned between?

43. CnH2n-2, If n=1, then name alkane?

44. Which element comes in first group in periodic table?

45. The motive of Girl Child Act 2019

46. One question related to Dam.

47. Siralankan sattellitle Raavana -1 was launched in which month?

48. Questions asked from sportsperson and related field.

49. Name of Air to surface missile launched by india?

50. Which state is situtaed on the bank of Gomti river?

51. Which city won “Swach Sarvekshan Award” Tile in India 3 times in row?

52. Where is Forest Research Institute (FRI)? – Dehradun

53. Niti Ayog was held in which year.

54. Snake water Boat race held in which state?

55. Which player is related to hockey?

56. Which part of the eye is caused for the refraction of light?

57. Narmada Bachao Andolan was held in which year.

58. What is the theme of “World Environment Day 2019”?

59. Which of the following is Maharashtra Folk Dance?

60. Who is the Author of “Systema Naturae”?

61. Planning Commission was formed in which year?

Math and Reasoning

1.  At what rate, a sum will get doubled in 2 years?

2. Daughters age is 1/4th father’s age. After five years her age will be 1/3 rd to her father age. Find the ratio of her age to her father after a further 5 years.

3. The ratio of the volume of cone, hemisphere and cylinder when radius and height is equal..1:2:3

4. What per cent material wasted when a cylinder with given height and radius is transformed in a cone of different radius and height

5. If sin x + sin^2 x = 1 then find cos^2 x + cos^4 x ?

6. Find 4+44+444+4444+4444

7. Convert 0.23(bar38) in the fraction

8. Convert (a fraction) in lowest form…
Ans- 16/25

9. Tan (40 + 35)= ?

10. CosA(1+TanA) Sin(1-CotA)= ?

11. sin55 + cos55 =?

12. If A & B are _______ number, find their LCM?

13. S.I. of 2 years = 360, C.I. of 2 years = 393.36, find their rate?

14. 2 train crosses pole 10sec & 15sec respec. Length of train= 120m. Then find the time at which both trains crossed in the opposite direction.

15. Circumference of inner circle = 440, width of track= 7m. Find the area of the track?

16. tan (40 + 35) = ?

17. cos A (1+tan A) sin (1-cot A) = ?

18. Daughters age is 1/4th father’s age. After five years her age will be 1/3 rd to her father age. What will be the ratio of her age to her father after a span of 5 years?

19. At what rate, a sum will get doubled in 2 years?

20. What per cent material is wasted when a cylinder with a given height and radius is transformed in a cone of different radius and height?

21. Find the ratio of the volume of a cone, hemisphere, and cylinder if the radius and height are equal i.e. 1:2:3.

22. A train crosses a platform in 5,5 sec and a person standing on a platform in 2 sec. What is the length of the train?

23. A person moves to city B with a speed of 25 km/hr and comes back with a speed of 20 km/hr. The total time taken was 1 hour 48 minutes. What is the distance between the cities?
Convert 0.23(bar38) in fraction
Convert (a fraction) in lowest form…Answer was 16/25
2 simplification…Bodmas

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