RRB JE 28-05-2019 Memory based Questions-Answers

RRB JE 28-05-2019 Memory based Questions-Answers

Railway JE 2019 Questions


Exam Date- 28 May 2019

1. Number of Gold Medals won by India in Special Olympics, Abu Dhabi 2019 Ans– 85 Gold, 154 silver and 129 bronze

2. “Gareebi Hatao” slogan was raised in 
Ans– 1971 by Indra Gandhi

3. Number of Players in Baseball 
Ans– 9

4. Capital of Tripura 
Ans– Agartala

5. Ricky Ponting’s nickname 
Ans– Punter

6.City of Joy (India) 
Ans– Kolkata

7. The first battle of Panipat
Ans- 21 April 1526; Between Babur and Lodhi Kingdom

8. Attorney Journal of India 
Ans– Kottayam Katankot Venugopal

9. Manpreet Singh is associated to which Sports 
Ans– Hockey

10. Kyoto Protocol 
Ans– Aims at reducing CO2 and Green House Gases

11. Nagoya Protocol
Ans- On access to genetic resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of the benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources; Adopted in 2010, Japan

12. Kusum Scheme formulated by 
Ans– The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy; 
(Hunt: KUSUM – Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahaabhiyan)

13. President can nominate how many Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members Ans– Lok Sabha 2; Rajya Sabha 12

14. E Shakti web portal 
Ans– it is an initiative of Micro Credit and Innovations Department of NABARD

15. Rutherford's Model Discovered – Size of the Nucleus

16. Most electro-negative element 
Ans– Fluorine

17. Symbol of Phosphorus 
Ans– P

18. The chemical name of K2SO4 
Ans– Potassium Sulfate

19. Dry Ice 
Ans– The solid form of Carbon dioxide (CO2)

20. Hardest Metal 
Ans– Diamond

21. Emergency hormone 
Ans– Adrenaline

22. The smallest bone in the human body 
Ans– Stapes

23. Nature of Toothpaste 
Ans– Basic

24. Vit B12 
Ans– Cobalamin (water-soluble vitamin)

25. Vit B3 or Niacin Deficiency causes 
Ans– Pellagra

26. A hormone that controls Sugar levels in the body 
Ans– Insulin

Math and Reasoning

1. Solve Sin55+Cos55

2. 7 years back, the ratio of Ajit and Rahul was 5:7. The product of their present age is 615. What is their present age?
Ans- 22 Years & 28 Years.

3.  What will be the value of x so 54321x is divisible by 9?
Ans – 3

4. Simple Intrest of 2 years is Rs 660. Compound Interest is 699.60, what is the rate?
Ans– 12%

5. 10.24 X 10.24- A X 10.24 + 0.24X0.24 = 100, Find the value of A
Ans- 0.48

6. If the addition of Father and Son’s age is more than 8 years of mother’s age. Mother had her son when she was 22 years of age. Find the Father’s current age.
Ans- Father’s age- 30 years

7. What is Odd in S, T, V & X?
Ans- S

8. 32:125::42:?
Ans- 216

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