RRB JE 29-05-2019 Memory based Questions-Answers

RRB JE 29-05-2019 Memory based Questions-Answers

Railway JE 2019 Memory-Based Questions


Exam Date – 25 May 2019

1. Brown rice used to fulfil the quantity of which vitamin 
Ans– B6 

2. International Women’s day is celebrated on which day? 
Ans– 8th March, It was 1st observed in 1911. 

3. Salim Ali is known as 
Ans– Birdman of India Goa. 

4. Parupalli Kashyap is related to which game?
Ans- Badminton

5. The dam located on Kaveri River? 

6. Merges of Bank in Bank of Baroda as on 1st April 2019 
Ans– Dena and Vijay Bank 

7. Who 1st landed on Moon?
Ans- Neel Armstrong 

8. The distance of Concave lens?
Ans- Negative 

9. The atomic number of Aluminium 
Ans– 13 

12. Full form of LPG 
Ans– Liquified Petroleum Gas 

13. Question-related to Haemoglobin 

14. SI unit of Pressure 
Ans– Pascal 

15. Questions related to the study of fish?
Ans- Icthyology 

17. When we mix Magnesium and bromine then the reaction will be 

18. Backbone is known as 

19. Energy of sun

20. Who is the current captain of the Indian Hockey team?
Ans- Manpreet Singh

21. Minimum age to be president of India?
Ans- 35 years (Hint: Article 58 deals with the age of president)

22. Who is 1st Indian achieved Nobel prize?
Ans- Rabindra Nath Tagore

23. Questions related to BRICS

24. Bangles festival is hosted by which city?

25. Which state hosted the 48th Film Festival of India?
Ans- Goa

26. Questions related to Gandhi Irvin Pact

27. CM of Arunachal Pradesh – Pema Kandu

28. Dry ice is known as – Co2

29. Devendra Jhanjariya is related to which sports ?

30. Questions related to Jammu & Kashmir

31. article 21 is related to which

32. Cricket will be included in Asian Games?
Ans- 2022

33. Prime Minister of India for the longest time.

34. Which metal is thinnest?
Ans- Lead

35. Symbol of sulfur 
Ans– S

36. 2nd element of the periodic table 
Ans– Helium

37. Tindel Effect is related to 
Ans– Scattering of light

38. Number of electrons in the 2nd period of the periodic table

39. Disease in eyes

40. deficiency of Iodine causes which disease?
Ans- Goitre

41. Questions based on the chemical formula

42. Questions related to Carbon.

43. SI Unit Questions

44. Question related to joints disease

45. Questions related to Baking Soda, Washing Powder.

46. What is used mostly in nuclear power plant

47. Questions related to the respiration system of the human body

Math and Reasoning

1. P can complete a work in 9 days, Q is 50% more efficient than P, If Q alone
complete the same work Number of days taken by Q to complete that work?
Ans- 6 days

2. 1-2 related to age

3. perimeter and area of the rectangle is given, we have to find diagonal of a rectangle?

4. If (x+1/x) = 5, Find the value of x3+1/x3= ?

5. If the side of a square is increased by 20% then the area will be affected by how much per cent?

6. The ratio of ages of Richa and Rahul is 3:2, after 4 years their age’s ratio will be 5:3, find their present age?

7. Two pipe P and Q can fill a tank in 20 and 16 hours , Pipe Q is opened for 1/4 times, after P is opened then the tank will be filled in how many times?

8. Probability related to Coins

9. if the ratio of two number if 5:3, LCM is 40, Find their HCF?

10. If two successive discount is given of 20 and 30%. then find the total discount given on an item?

11. difference of profit 55 and 10% of an item is Rs. 30, Find their cost price?

12. P can complete a work in 9 days, Q is 50% more efficient than P, If Q alone
complete the same work Number of days taken by Q to complete that work ?-6

13. 1-2 related to age

14. perimeter and area of the rectangle is given, we have to find diagonal of a rectangle ?

15. 4.If (x+1/x) = 5, Find the value of x3+1/x3= ?

16. If Monday on 16th January 2007, then what day will be on 16th January 2008?

17. 2. Complete this series 5,11,19,?,41,87,214

18. W5, U8, S11, Q14,?

19. 5,16,66,333, ?

20. Car:Tyre::chair: ?

2nd Shift Memory-Based Questions

1. Who was the first woman to sign in 1947 Agreement?
Ans- Sarojini Naidu

2. When is National Sports Day celebrated?
Ans- August 29
(Birth anniversary of Dhyan Chand, the hockey player who won gold medals for India in the years 1928,1932 and 1936.)

3. Where is Pink City located?
Ans– Jaipur

4. Raj Rammhon ray was Follower of which Samaj
Ans– Brahm Samaj

5. Location of Pupil in Human Body

6. Location of the Thyroid gland in Human Body
Ans- low on the front of the neck.

7. Which protein is found in blood?
Ans- albumins globulins

8. Jaundice disease affects which part of the body?
Ans- Liver

9. Where are Non-metals located in the Periodic Table?
Ans- group 14-16

10. The formula of Current?
Ans- I=V/R

11. The medical instrument in which a needle is used for indication?

12. Which lens is contained in the Human Eye?
Ans- Convex Lens

13. Which of the following alcohols is used for medical treatment?
Ans- Ethanol

14. Elephanta caves situated in
Ans– Maharashtra

15. 1st Indian women president of UNO
Ans- Vijaya Laxmi Pandit

16. Most lignite coal producer state?- maharastra/tamilnadu?

17. 2019 ICC chairman
Ans- Shashank Manohar

18. In which year pollution was introduced?

19. Humpi related to which state?
Ans- Karnataka

20. Blue litmus paper dip in acid turns
Ans- red

21. Ceo of ICC after the world cup 2019
Ans- Manu Shahney

22. Right to equality which article
Ans- Article 14-18

23. First Indian to receive the Nobel prize
Ans- Rabindranath Tagore

24. Unit of pressure
Ans– Pascal

25. Indias first indigenous submarine
Ans- Arihant

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