[PDF] Building Materials Handwritten Note for SSC JE

[PDF] Building Materials Handwritten Note for SSC JE

Building Science 

Building Materials handwritten note PDF for SSC JE is available here. Please follow the below download link to download it. BMC Handwritten PDF Download. 


SSC JE Syllabus

Building Materials: Physical and Chemical properties, classification, standard tests, uses and manufacture/quarrying of materials e.g. building stones, silicate-based materials, cement (Portland), asbestos products, timber and wood-based products, laminates, bituminous materials, paints, varnishes. 

Contents of the Note

1. Rocks & Stones
2. Clay Products (Bricks)
  • Introduction
  • Classification of Burnt Bricks
  • Composition
  • Manufacturing of Bricks
  • Testing of Bricks
  • Types of Bricks
3. Lime
  • Types of Lime
  • Definitions
  • Classification of Lime
  • Application of Lime
4. Mortar
5. Wood & Wood Products
  • Defects of Timber
  • Seasoning of Timber
6. Paints
  • Introduction
  • Ingredients of Paints
7. Varnishes
8. Distempers
9. Miscellaneous Paints

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