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Latest handwritten notes of a very good print quality of the Following branches are available at ErForum Online Store.
Mechanical Engineering [ME]
Civil Engineering [CE]
Electrical Engineering [EE/EEE]
Electronics Engineering [EC]
Instrumentation Engineering [IN]
✔ Chemical Engineering


The Latest classroom notes are available at very less price.
You can even purchase any single subject note. To Buy these notes follow secure purchase link given separately for each paper. Presently only All Branch Paper of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, CS & IT, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering is available here. 

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Common for All Branches: 

Verbal Ability (English) [Version: 1.1]- Buy@Rs40
Verbal Ability (English) (90+Pages) [V1.2]- Buy@Rs50 
Verbal Ability (English) (110+Pages) [V1.3]- Buy@Rs60

Reasoning Aptitude (100 Pages) [Version: 1.1]-Buy@Rs55
Reasoning Aptitude (135+Pages) [Version:1.2]- Buy@Rs70 

Math Notes (285+Pages) [Version 0.9]- Buy @Rs40/- 
Engineering Math Notes [Version 1.0]- Buy@Rs50/- 

Aptitude + English Combo- Buy@Rs80
Math + Aptitude + English Combo Buy@Rs125 
Quantitative Aptitude Fast Scoring Tricks Buy@Rs51

Life Science/Biology Notes For PSUs Buy@Rs25 

GS and Current Affairs (115+Pages) Buy@Rs25 
GS & Current Affairs - Buy@Rs25

Geography Handwritten Notes for PSUs Get it Free 
History Handwritten Notes for PSUs Get it Free 
Indian Polity Handwritten Notes for PSUs Get it Free

Mechanical Latest Notes for GATE/ESE/PSUs-2018/2019

SOM/MOS [Soft copy]- Buy@Rs150
SOM/MOS [Hard copy]- Buy@Rs300 
Power Plant Engg.- Buy@Rs75 
RAC- Buy@Rs60 
HMT- Buy@Rs75 
Fluid Machinery/Hydraulic Machines V1.3- Buy@Rs65 
Material Science- Buy@Rs40 
IC Engine [Soft Copy]- Buy@Rs50 
IC Engine [Hard Copy]- Buy@Rs110 
Reasoning Aptitude- Buy@Rs60
Reasoning & Aptitude- Buy@Rs55 
Verbal Ability (English)- Buy@Rs40 
Mechanical Engineering (With 45%)- Buy@Rs700 
Mechanical Engg. (All Hardcopy at your door)- Buy@Rs2100
Mechanical Handwritten Note Sample- Click here
Mechatronics, Robotics & Renewable Source of Energy- Buy@Rs75

Buy Mechanical Engineering Topic wise notes:
Metal Casting Handwritten Notes (75 Pages)- Buy@Rs40 
Welding Tech. Handwritten Notes (60 Pages)- Buy@Rs30 
Casting & Welding Tech. Notes (130+ Pages)- Buy@Rs55
Metrology Notes for GATE, ESE, PSUs- Buy @ Rs 25 
Metal Forming Notes for GATE, ESE, PSUs- Buy @ Rs30 
Metal Cutting Notes for GATE, ESE, PSUs- Buy @Rs30
Probability and Statistics Handwritten Notes- Buy @Rs20 
Stress-Strain and elastic constant Notes- Buy @Rs 20 
SFD and BMD Handwritten Notes- Buy @Rs 25 
Mechanical Vibration Handwritten Notes- Buy@Rs19 
Fluid Mechanics Handwritten Notes [Version 1.0]- Buy@Rs75
Fluid Mechanics Handwritten Notes [Version 1.2]- Buy@Rs100
Combo Offer:

*SOM (Rs150)+Machine Design(Rs75)= Buy@Rs200
Civil Engineering Latest Good Quality Handwritten Notes 
Structural Analysis [Softcopy]- Buy@Rs75
Structural Analysis [Hardcopy]- Buy@Rs200
Fluid Mechanics- Buy@Rs75
Fluid Machinery [including OCF]- Buy@Rs50
SOM [Softcopy]- Buy@Rs125
SOM [Hardcopy]- Buy@Rs275
Design of Steel Str. [Softcopy]- Buy@75
Design of Steel Str. [Hardcopy]- Buy@Rs250
RCC [Design of Concrete Str.]- Buy@Rs75
Soil Mechanics- Buy@Rs125
Highway Engineering- Buy@Rs75
Surveying [Softcopy]- Buy@Rs75
Surveying [Hardcopy]- Buy@Rs175
CPM- Buy@Rs50
Railway & Airport Engineering- Buy@Rs70
GATE Math- Buy@Rs50
Verbal Aptitude [English]- Buy@Rs40
All Civil Engineering [Softcopy]- Buy@Rs750
All Civil Engineering Notes [Hardcopy]- Buy@Rs2250 
Click Here to Download  Sample Pages
Click here to Download Sample Note of Civil Engg.

Combo Offer:
FM(Rs75/-)+Hydraulic Machinery(Rs 51/-)= Buy@Rs 110/-

Computer Science & IT  Handwritten Notes
Subject / Paper
Hard copy
Soft copy
All 14 Subject Notes
1. Compiler
Follow me
2. Operating System
Follow me
Buy@Rs 50
Follow me
Buy@Rs 50
4. Computer Network
Follow me
5. Computer Organization
Follow me
6. Theory of Computation
Follow me
7. Algorithm
Follow me
8. Data Structure
Follow me
9. Discrete Mathematics
10. Digital Electronics
Follow me
11. Software Engineering
Follow me
12.GATE Math
Follow me
13. Reasoning Aptitude
Follow me
14. English
Follow me

Graph Theory Handwritten Note (100+Pages)- Buy@Rs10 
Computer Fundamentals Handwritten Note- Buy@Rs75 
Compiler Design- Buy@Rs75


Analog Electronics- Buy@Rs60 
Control System- Buy@Rs40 
Digital Electronics- Buy@Rs40 
Microprocessor- Buy@Rs50 
Electrical Machine- Buy@Rs50 
Measurement & Instrumentation- Buy@Rs40 
Signal System- Buy@Rs40 
Power System- Buy@Rs40 
Network Theory- Buy@Rs40 
Power Electronics- Buy@Rs40 
EMFT- Buy@Rs40 
GATE Math- Buy@Rs75 
Reasoning & Aptitude- Buy@Rs55 
English- Buy@Rs40

Electronics Engineering Latest Handwritten Notes V1.0
Digital Electronics- Buy@Rs40
Microprocessor- Buy@Rs50
EDC- Buy@Rs51
Advance Communication- Buy@Rs75
Advance Electronics- Buy@Rs75
GATE Math- Buy@Rs75
Reasoning & Aptitude- Buy@Rs55
English (Verbal Ability)- Buy@Rs40
All Electronics Engineering Notes[SoftCopy]- Buy@Rs500
All ECE Notes for GATE [Hardcopy]- Buy@Rs2100
All ECE Notes for GATE+ESE [Hardcopy]- Buy@Rs3000 
Instrumentation Engineering [IN] Handwritten Notes
Subject or Paper
Offers& Contents
Purchase Link
1.Analog Electronics
Follow me
2.Communication System
Follow me
3.Control System
Follow me
4.Digital Electronics
Follow me
Follow me
Follow me
7.Network Theory
Follow me
8.Signal & System
Follow me
9.Sensor & Industrial
Follow me
Follow me
Follow me
Follow me
13. Verbal Apti
Follow me
14. Numerical Apti
Follow me

ESE Paper-1 Handwritten Notes (Common for All Branches)
Buy ESE Paper-1 [All 10 Subjects] Soft Copy@Rs350 only 
Buy ESE Paper-1 [8 Subjects] Soft Copy@Rs250 only

Buy ESE Paper-1[All 10 Subjects] Hard Copy@Rs750 only 
Buy ESE Paper-1 [8 Subjects] Hard Copy@Rs500 Only

Ethics & Values in Engg Notes [V1.1]- Buy@Rs25 
Ethics & Values in Engg. Notes [V1.2] - Buy@Rs40 
Ethics & Values in Engg. New Note [V1.3]- Buy@Rs55

Energy & Environment Notes[Version:1.1]- Buy@Rs25 
Energy & Environment Notes[Version:1.2]- Buy@Rs50

GS & Current Affairs Notes [Version:1.1] Buy@Rs25 
GS & Current Affairs Notes [Version:1.2]- Buy@Rs50 
GS & Current Affairs New Note [V: 1.3]- Buy@Rs60

Basics of Material Science & Engg [Version:1.1]- Buy@Rs30
Basics of Material Science & Engg. [Version:1.2]- Buy@Rs50

Reasoning & Aptitude [Version: 1.1]- Buy@Rs50
Reasoning & Aptitude [Version: 1.2]- Buy@Rs70 

Standard & Quality Control Note [V1.2]- Buy@Rs50
Engineering Math & Numerical Analysis ESE-1- Buy@Rs70

Design & Drawing Handwritten Notes [V 1.2]- Buy@Rs50 

ICT Handwritten Note [V1.2] - Buy@Rs40 
ICT Handwritten New Note [V1.3]- Buy@Rs55

Project Management Note [V1.2]- Buy@Rs45 
Project Management New Note [V1.3]- Buy@Rs65

MCQs for ESE Paper-1 [Common for all branches]
Design & Drawing 400 MCQ for ESE Paper-1- Buy@Rs40 
Ethics & Values 300 MCQ for ESE Paper-1- Buy@Rs40 
Project Management 500 MCQ for ESE Paper-1 - Buy@Rs40

*Higher Version means more recent note. 

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